Key Messages, February 2023

Key Messages Update
Key Messages

Your BMPL Board is sharing these key messages from the February 16th Board Meeting.

Community Hubs

  • Craigleith Heritage Depot Renovation Schedule: The CHD is still undergoing restoration work. The colour selected for the building harkens back to the original purpose when, in the late 1870’s, this building was a Grand Trunk Rail Station. The colours selected are similar to what would have been present at the CHDs early days. While the work being done is not to restore the building to its original materials, we are so happy that we can preserve this building for decades to come with composite materials that mirror the original look of our community treasure. [CH2]
  • Building Needs: The Board started their February Board Meeting with a comprehensive tour of the L.E. Shore branch, including what was missing from the facility that limited its ability to meet a modern service model of a GLAM. Additionally, the Board received an update the 2018 Building Conditions Report and the 2022 Gap Analysis Report, identifying areas of need. These included replacement of water damaged windows, restoration work on the Story Tower to stop further water infiltration, raising of the Story Tower floor for accessibility, replacement of the service desk with ergonomic and accessible options, adding ceiling fans to improve heating costs, and replacing the washrooms.

Empowering Services

  • GOvaxx Bus Returns: The GOvaxx returned to L.E. Shore on February 7th. Another 24 community members received their initial or booster shots. [CH2.5]
  • 5th Annual Salon Show: The Arts & Culture Council opened its 5th Annual Salon Show with the theme Celebrating the Colours Black & White. This stunning show includes 70 local artists floor to ceiling across our Gallery at L.E. Shore. [ES1.2]

Organizational Excellence

  • Board & Council Orientation: The CEO with Board Chair and members of the Board, attended Council on January 30th and provided orientation on the BMPL GLAM services provided. A series of deputations are planned at Council this year as additional information and reports are completed, including deputations on Social Return on Investment, 2022 Year in Review annual report, further discussions on how to better serve our west end / east end / and rural residents. [OE1.4]
  • Joint Training with Council: On January 6th the Board attended a joint meeting with Council on the role of the employer including Employment Standards Act, Ontario Health & Safety Act, and Ontario Human Rights Code with a focus on Discrimination, Harassment & Workplace Violence training. The Board will continue to receive orientation in-house, with Council and from the Ontario Library Services in the coming months. [OE1.2, OE1.4]
  • Craigleith Heritage Depot has New Manager: Alessia Farris started with BMPL in 2016 as a youth staffer. Over the past 7 years of employment, she has moved to a permanent position with the museum, completed her masters degree and has now taken on the role of Curator. We are so excited to be able to continue to work with her in this new capacity. Many thanks to all the work Andrea Wilson completed getting the CHD up and running. Congrats on your recent retirement. [OE1]
  • Action Plan: In only one month of the new Action Plan, staff and Board have already achieved 10 of the items for a total of 10% completed. 2023 has an exciting plan which will move us closer to achieving our larger Strategic Plan by the end of this Board term. [OE2.1]
  • Budget March: The Board deferred the budget discussions to the March meeting. At this time, it is believed Council will have a budget by-law in place and therefore the 2024 BMPL contribution will be known. Deferring will help the board to understand the long-range implications of staffing on the budget, and be able to pan for a balanced 2 year operational plan.
  • Annual Planning Meeting: The Board selected the annual planning date. This will be a full day meeting on April 20th. The Regularly Scheduled Board Meeting will be cancelled, and a special meeting will occur in its place later in the day. The start time will be announced when the agenda is released for this meeting.