The Blue Mountains Public Library has one governance body responsible for governing our GLAM (Gallery, Library, Archives, Museum), the Board. 

The Blue Mountains Public Library Board (“Library Board” or “Board”) is appointed by the TBM Council and is the primary governance body of the organization, and the BMPL employer. The Board has a mandate to the organization and the library, and is defined in the Public Libraries Act and Board By-Laws. The Board establishes a Strategic Plan which further informs priorities of governance and operations for a four-year period.

Additionally, the Arts & Culture Council (“ACC”) is an administrative council which reports to the CEO and has a primary function of jurying art and making recommendations on The Gallery at L.E. Shore exhibits and standards. The ACC has a mandate for The Gallery, as approved by the CEO within their Terms of Reference. 

All Freedom of Information Requests for the GLAM are handled by the Head, Jennifer Murley.