Book a Showcase

Showcases, located along the entry to the L.E. Shore Library and The Gallery, are available for rent on a monthly basis to promote organizations, events and businesses.


  • The renter is responsible for setting up their showcase display.
  • Displays may include saleable items.
  • Saleable items must be clearly labeled with an identifying description and price.
  • Saleable items must be accompanied by an inventory that includes prices (NFS if not for sale) and that clearly corresponds with item labels.
  • For insurability reasons, items that are not for sale, but are of monetary value, must be accompanied by an inventory that includes the estimated value of items. These items do not need to be individually labeled.
  • The rental cost is $25 per month. The Library will take 25% commission for sales. Non-profits are exempt from the rental fee and commission when booking the non-profit designated showcase.
  • A contract must be reviewed and signed for each showcase rental.
  • Additional conditions are listed on the showcase contract (example contract only).

Showcase Details

  • Interior dimensions of cases are approximately 51” wide by 38” high by 12” deep.
  • A cork background and bracket shelf system is installed in each case with removable glass shelves available. We recommend using the cork to decorate with fabric or other backdrop.
  • There is florescent lighting in the ceiling of each case.
  • The case closes with glass doors that lock.

Book a Showcase

Please fill out and submit the form below to apply for a showcase. We will review your submission and try our best to book you in the month(s) requested. Bookings are confirmed once the rental fee has been paid, and you will then receive an inventory and contract to review and fill out. If you have questions, please email

Book a Showcase