Where We Live, January 2024

Launching January 2024! The Gallery is pleased to present, Where We Live, featuring the talents of Judy Scopes, Karen Bowen and Wanda Haayen. Learn more about the artists below!

Judy Scopes

Judy is a Canadian artist currently living in Collingwood, Ontario, on the shores of Georgian Bay.  Her hope is that her paintings provide an opportunity to draw the viewer into the composition and create a sense of depth and dimension.

Her art is an interpretation of the beauty in our country and places she has visited, using acrylics in a realistic style.  Her desire is that as people view her art, they will remember a special moment or place the painting evokes.

Judy's paintings can be found in private collections in Canada, the USA and England.

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Karen Bowen

Karen L. Bowen paints ‘Canada’s Countryside and Shorelines’ from her studios in Newmarket and Wymbolwood Beach (Georgian Bay), Ontario. Karen first put brush to canvas while raising three teens and teaching high-school Science/Math. Taking several years to develop skills through self-study, practice and workshops, Karen honed a recognizable style in her oil landscapes and then put her art out into the world six-seven years ago. She has won several awards, was a top ten seller at the McMichael Fall Sale 2019 and continues to enjoy juried shows and Studio Tours.

Karen’s love of art and design has been inspired by adaptive patterns found in plants and animals, such as Fibonacci and fractals, and by the repeated elements eminent in mosaics, architecture and the cosmos. As a Biologist and artist, Karen’s primary wish is to inspire an appreciation for Nature and a desire to protect wilderness and wildlife. Karen challenges herself to extend her creative process beyond the methodical, almost mathematical approach that guides her, striving to be daring with colour, loose brushstrokes and the ‘light story’.

The muse presents itself effortlessly, from travels across our wondrous country from coast to coast.

“I hike and paddle slowly, stopping to stand or sit on rocky outcrops or hilltops, looking out across vista and over water, taking it all in...realizing that there won’t be time enough in this life or another to paint all that wows me.”

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Wanda Haayen

Wanda Haayen paints rural landscapes amidst the rolling hills and farmland of Grey County. Her art highlights the designs and colours in nature and agricultural life. In recent years, she has been drawn to plein air painting in oils, challenged by ever-changing light and weather conditions, bugs and equipment! Wanda also works in her studio in Eugenia, where her background in photography, along with decades of life drawing experience, provide the foundation for her contemporary impressionist style.

Wanda Haayen is an Associate of the Ontario College of Art (A.O.C.A), Drawing and Painting. She has subsequently studied at the Haliburton School of Art and Design, and with other artists, including Figurative Painter, Brian Smith and Canadian Impressionist, John David Anderson.