Celebrating the Colour Turquoise, February 2024

Annually, the Arts & Culture Council for the Gallery at L.E. Shore host an open invitation, salon styled show based on a colour theme. Artists are invited to submit artwork of that colour theme, and our Gallery is hung, floor to ceiling and everywhere in between, with art. This year, we were thrilled to be Celebrating the Colour Turquoise - a show featuring nearly 100 local artists and over 200 pieces. The show ran from February 3-28, but you can still enjoy a virtual sample below!

The History of "Salon Style"

The term “salon style” comes from the French Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture’s regular exhibitions, which began in Paris in 1667. In order to showcase the work of so many students, the academy hung paintings as close together as possible, right from the floor to the ceiling! When the exhibition moved to the Salon Carre at the Louvre in 1725, the show became known simply as the “Salon".

Despite mixed feelings about Salon from many artists of the time, it is important to acknowledge the Salon as a stepping stone in the development of public art museums. It was an early opportunity for the general public to see important artwork.

Salon style was the fashion in which public museums and galleries displayed art throughout the 19th century and into the early 20th century. It was also very popular in interior decorating at the time and could be seen in the homes of impressive collectors.

As with all things, the Salon style hang evolved over time and work began to be displayed more sparsely, though still far from what we are used to seeing in galleries today. The new ideal was to keep work at eye level so that the viewer might better interact with and contemplate the paintings.

Virtual Sample