Strategic Plan 2022-2026

According to Board By-law, in the third year of the Board cycle the Strategic Plan Study is to be completed so that in the last year of the Board cycle a new Strategic Plan can be approved and begun to be implemented. As one of the key legacy documents of the Board, it is initiated by the outgoing board to address the ongoing needs of the organization, informed by the community, in a way that only years of information can produce.

Throughout 2021 the Library Board and the Strategic Planning Working Group completed a 14-month Strategic Plan Study which concluded with the approval of the 2022-2026 Strategic Plan at the April 21, 2022 Board Meeting. 

This Strategic Plan was released in two versions, the full document, which includes aspects of the research and rational of activities, and the Strategic Plan Executive Summary, which is a short document highlighting the 3 Pillars, 11 Goals and 2 Under-pinning themes. While the full document is only available electronically on this page, the Executive Summary is scheduled to be mailed to households in May 2022 and will also be available at each of the BMPL locations.

BMPL Strategic Plan 2022-2026

BMPL Strategic Plan 2022-2026 Summary

In addition to the Strategic Plan, annually the Board will approve an Action Plan which completes making the goals SMART (strategic, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time oriented). These Action Plans are developed in concert with the CEO and staff and identify each of the strategic efforts for that year. Of note, the annual Action Plan is also a key document that the Board used to evaluate the CEO's performance. The 2022 Action Plan will be approved at the May 19, 2022 Board Meeting and is approved annually by the first meeting of the year.

As a means of transparency and accountability, the three Strategic Plan Pillars will be used as the framework for the Board committee structure, the presentation of the Key Messages, and the organization of the CEO reports.