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A black and white photograph. In the foreground are two tractors each pulling fertilizer sprayers. Parked behind the two tractors are two 1960's flatbed trucks, one carrying a pesticide sprayer and the other carrying rectangular apple crates, a tractor carrying a sprayer. In the background there is a wooded forest and a section of an apple orchard

Agricultural Industry - Online Exhibit

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Agricultural production has always been an industry in the area, even prior to European settlement in the Blue Mountains area. Many early settlers were…

Archives of Ontario

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The Archives of Ontario is the second largest archives in Canada and provides a window into the past for all Ontarians, connecting us with our ancestors,…

A blue and white illustration taken from a promotional poster for the Beaver River Rat Race. In the top left corner is large blue text reading Beaver River Rats. Next to that text is smaller blue text reading Boat Races. In the foreground of the illustration are three men holding paddles on a blow-up raft sailing down a river. Above the raft is a wooden boat with its bow in the air carrying two men with paddles. In front of the wooden boat is a small wooden raft with a man standing on it holding a long pole

Beaver River Rat Race - Online Exhibit

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In the spring of 1957, in what was then Collingwood Township, the community saw two or three peculiar home-made looking “vessels” launched on the Beaver…

Written in cursive at the top of the image BEAVER VALLEY AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY. Below the the cursive writing is a black circle around the Beaver Valley Fall Fair logo of a banner on top of a large triangle that has a smaller triangle within it. In the smaller triangle are blue curving lines that represent waves, a blue out line of the Escarpment outcrop and a red apple with green stem and leaves in front of the waves.

Beaver Valley Agricultural Society - Online Exhibit

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ormed in 1870, the Beaver Valley Agricultural Society is one of the oldest organizations in the Town of The Blue Mountains community. Learn about the…

Black circle surrounding a triangle within a triangle logo with banner at top of the two triangles. The banner reads BEAVER VALLEY. Within the smaller triangle is written FALL FAIR, under the banner, and wave along shore The Blue Mountains with a red apple with green stem and leaves in front of the waves and shore.

Beaver Valley Fall Fair - Online Exhibit

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Celebrating 150 years of the Beaver Valley's local agricultural societies' hosting of the Beaver Valley Fall Fair. 

BiblioBoard - Local History Exhibits

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Exciting online exhibits featuring local history, as well as helpful resources for readers, researchers, students.

White man in orange t-shirt with smock covering pants. The man is shaping the clay pot in a pottery studio. There are clay pots lining the back wall on a wood table. In the top right corner there is a superimposed Blue Mountain Pottery Logo. The circular logo has a dark blue back with Blue Mountain Pottery text in beige around the top perimeter of the logo, three beige triangles in a pyramid shape with lines out the bottom representing tress in the middle, along the bottom reads Made In Canada

Blue Mountain Pottery - Online Exhibit

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Online exhibit of Blue Mountain Pottery, including images, archival documents, artifacts and more!

Canadian County Atlas Digital Project

Category:Local History

A searchable database of the property owners' names which appear on the township maps in the county atlases. Township maps, portraits and properties have…

Clarksburg Sesquicentennial collection from the Virtual Museum of Canada

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Did you know that Clarksburg was founded in 1860, or that it celebrated it's 150th birthday - also known as a sesquicentennial - in 2010? In celebration…

A black and white photograph of a 1920's street with a row of buildings and cars parked along the left side of the road. In the foreground are two people, one sitting in the driver's seat of a car and one man standing outside of a car on the driver's side. In the midground, a car can be seen driving on the road.

Communities - Online Exhibit

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This online collection of images, artifacts and resource highlights the histories of the different communities that now make up the Town of Blue Mountains.

Grey County Census and Cemetery Transcriptions

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Cemetery Transcriptions listed by historic township. Grey County Census information listed by location. Links to PDF documents.

A logo for Family Scrapbook. The background is beige. A green tree is in the centre of a black circular outline. Black text reading Family is situated above the black circle following its curvature. The word Scrapbook is below the black circle following its curvature. On the left and right sides of the black circle are two black stars. Encompassing the text and stars are two black circle outlines.

Heritage Scrapbook - Online Exhibit

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With the Craigleith Heritage Depots large collection of historical photographs we have created local family "scrapbook" collections from our photograph…

Indigenous History and Culture Online Exhibit

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Online exhibit featuring the Craigleith Heritage Depot museum artefact collection along with a related archival and research collection about local…

A white man clasping his hands as he looks forward. The man is wearing a dark suit and has some facial hair.

Leonard E. Shore - Online Exhibit

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Learn about Leonard Eldon Shore; a prominent architect with strong roots in The Blue Mountains. The L.E. Shore Memorial Library, which opened in 1995, was…

Coloured photograph of three library shelves filled with books, a spinning bookshelf with pocketbooks and a table with posters on it.

Library History of The Blue Mountains - Online Exhibit

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The Blue Mountains, Ontario has been home to public libraries for over 160 years. Explore this collection to see old photographs, book labels,…

A black and white photograph of a white women sitting reading a book. Her hair is pulled back and she is wearing a long sleeved black dress with white lace ruffles around the collar of the dress.

Literary Women - Online Exhibit

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Literary Women of The Blue Mountains is an evolving biographical resource of English-language women writers who published before 2000. These women all…

A hand drawn dark curving line that represents the silhouette of the Niagara Escarpment. In the middle of the page the image the artist has written THE NIAGARA ESCARPMENT, the letter I in Niagara is made using the curving silhouette of the Escarpment.

Niagara Escarpment - Online Exhibit

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The Niagara Escarpment is a unique geological feature that runs through The Town of The Blue Mountains area in Ontario, Canada. Many ferns and orchids…

Ontario History

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Back issues of Papers and Records from 1899 through 1915 are now in the public domain. These include over 2000 pages of rare documentary sources for the…

A pencil drawing of a white male with long flowing hair, a Van Dyke style is a type of goatee in which the chin hair is disconnected from the moustache hair. He is wearing a high collar, a dark vest and a white linen shirt.

Samuel de Champlain - Online Exhibit

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Learn more about the French explorer Samuel de Champlain who traveled to visit the Tionontati (Petun) in the region now known as The Blue Mountains, in…

A photograph of a blue commemorative plaque with a gold border and text situated outdoors. The text details the history of The Craigleith Shale Oil Works in 1859. In the background behind the plaque is a snow covered ground and evergreen trees.

Shale Oil Works - Online Exhibit

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The only successfully producing shale oil manufacturing plant in Ontario operated between 1858-1861 in the Blue Mountains.

A graphic designed image. The background is beige. In the foreground is a green townscape silhouette. Above the townscape is a yellow sun stylized as a child's drawing with a smiling face and a medical mask over it's mouth.

Staying Home Stories - Online Exhibit

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Everyone is learning new ways to live during this time. We want to know how the pandemic has shaped our local culture.

The Blue Mountains Public Library YouTube Channel

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Subscribe to our YouTube channel to enjoy local history videos and online programs, including: instructional videos for using the Library, REEL History…

The Canadian Encyclopedia: Tionontati (Petun)

Category:Canadian History, Indigenous Resources, Local History

Article about the Tionontati (Petun) peoples. Includes images, text and audio-visual resources. Helpful for students and educators.

The Petun Research Institute

Category:Canadian History, Indigenous Resources, Local History

The Institute conducts and publish interdisciplinary scholarly research particularly relating to the Petun-Wyandot native people.

Then and Now - Town of the Blue Mountains History Project

Category:Local History

Photographs, maps, audio and videorecordings of the history of the Blue Mountains. Maintained by the Blue Mountains Public Library.