Peter and the Wolf in the Courtyard, a sculpture by Michael Pocock

About Us

Mission Statement

The Blue Mountains Public Library is a dynamic centre of community engagement where everyone can connect, explore and create. Updated as part of the 2022 Community Consultation process.

Values Word Map

BMPL Values Wordmap


Vision Statement

Our Community Hubs meet the evolving interests and needs of our diverse and growing population through thriving Gallery, Library, Archives and Museum (GLAM) services. Updated as part of the 2022 Community Consultation process.


The BMPL is comprised of a Gallery, Library, Archive and Museum. At the time of the establishment of BMPL in 1995 and the opening of L.E. Shore in 1996, the organization was an early trailblazer of the GLAM by including a gallery within the building. For this, and the design of the facility, BMPL won awards. In 2016 the Board and TBM further established the organization as a GLAM when the Craigleith Heritage Depot community museum became a part of the BMPL. GLAMs are now understood to be the culture hubs of communities across the province, and more regularly have been seen to have a single operational body, such as in the BMPL model. For information on each of the GLAM Mandates, visit POL-SYS.2018.71 Mission & Mandates on our BMPL Policies and Plans page.