BMPL Policies and Plans

2024 Budget 

The Library Board has a Multi-Year Funding Agreement with the Town of the Blue Mountains that provides the Board with an annual allotment of 6% of the previous year's Tax Levy. The Funding Agreement enables BMPL to plan funding over multiple years, improving long-term strategic planning, more efficient use of staff time and resources, and greater certainty to patrons about the future of GLAM services.

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Public Usage Policy

These document describe the users (patrons/borrowers/visitors) rights and limitations within the library, museum, and gallery. By accessing services at any Blue Mountains Public Library locations, the individual agrees to abide by these policies. Many are legislated, such as borrowers’ rights; while others are best practice, such as Code of Conduct.

POL-PUB.2018.56 Accessible Customer Service
POL-PUB.2018.57 Children and Teens Services
POL-PUB.2018.58 Community Information
POL-PUB.2018.59 Cost Recovery Services
POL-PUB.2018.60 Hours of Operation
POL-PUB.2018.61 Information Services
POL-PUB.2018.62 Inter-Library Loan
POL-PUB.2018.63 Membership
POL-PUB.2018.64 Programs
POL-PUB.2018.65 Rights & Responsibilities of BMPL Users
POL-PUB.2018.67 BMPL User Dissemination of Information
POL-PUB.2018.85 Circulation & Returns
POL-PUB.2018.86 Room Rentals
POL-PUB.2018.87 Technology

Public Usage Plan or Procedure

The Public Use Plan/Procedure are also called Programs in legislation, and are the mechanism in which the policy is implemented.

Accessibility Plan

Terms of Reference (ToR)

The Terms of Reference (ToR) are the policy which governs the various committees/councils activities. These ToR may be Board or CEO approved, depending on where the committee reports.

Arts & Culture Council (ACC) ToR
CEO Recruitment Committee ToR
Community Hubs Committee ToR
Joint Health & Safety Committee (JHSC) ToR
Organizational Excellence Committee ToR