Board Orientation Information

This page is intended for the 2022-2026 BMPL Gallery, Library, Archives & Museum (GLAM) Board members who were appointed in December 2022. Community members are welcome to review this page as well, as the information held on the page includes the legislation and primer materials that our Board receives and that informs their decisions.

Meetings of the Board

The first Board meeting is scheduled for 2:00pm on Thursday, January 19th in the L.E. Shore Boardroom. This meeting will also be livestreamed on Facebook and will be added to our YouTube page following the meeting.

Other Orientation Meetings:

  • BMPL Board Orientation | January 19 @ 9:30am | L.E. Shore Boardroom
  • Council Orientation about BMPL | January 30 | Council Chambers or Livestream 
  • OLBA Bootcamp| February 4 @ 9:00am | Virtual Meeting
  • Council / Board Orientation| February 6 @ 1:00pm | Council Chambers

Future Meetings of the Board:
The BMPL Board schedules 10 meetings per year on the 3rd Thursday of the month. At the first Board Meeting of the 2023-2026 Board, the members selected to start meetings at 1:00pm for this 4 year term. We typically do not meet in August or December. All Ontario Library Boards are required to meet a minimum of 7 times annually, per legislation, so if quorum will not be met, the Chair may determine, based on the business at hand, not to reschedule a meeting. 

Included in the Accordions Below

Enclosed in the accordions below are a number of areas which will assist you in understanding the obligations of the Board, what needs are currently know and exist, and resources to you and the Board as a whole.

    Legal Requirements and Information
    Your CEO, Dr. Sabrina Saunders, is your primary resource. It is important to note that information on this page is for information. This does not mean you must read and understand all of it, but rather know it is important and where to find the information. As your sole staffer, your CEO will ensure the Board is up to date on all legislative requirements and made aware of all matters of risk to the organization.

    • BMPL Governance
    • Legislative Information
    • BMPL Financials
    • External Organizations of Interest

    Legacy Document 
    The Blue Mountains Public Library Legacy Document was developed by the previous Board as a hand-off document between the 2018-2022 Board and the 2022-2026 Board. This information was made available in October 2022 so that all interested candidates would have access to understand what this term would include as needs and priorities.

    This document is comprised of three areas found below in the accordions:

    • Key Documents for Review
    • Key Advocacy Efforts
    • Legacy Discussions: An Environmental Scan