The Gallery Website Launches!

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The Gallery’s new website is now available! 

Visit us at and check out our newly released virtual art tour of The Marsh Street Artists exhibit. Featuring the works of the Marsh Street Artists collective.

Blue Mountain School of Landscape Painting: 2023 Registration Opens


Opportunity for artists! The Blue Mountain School of Landscape Painting (BMSLP)’s registration for 2023 will open this Saturday, January 14, for new and returning students.

BMSLP was established in 1980 and has since provided classes to thousands of students. Classes focus on a variety of techniques and mediums and are hosted in peaceful, outdoor settings.

2023 is the 41st season of the BMSLP Spring Painting Workshops in the Blue Mountains. This is a rare opportunity where local property owners allow students to enjoy and paint beautiful, often historic sites. This year’s line up of excellent teachers includes: Brian Buckrell, Mark Hope, Robert Pointer, Arlene Saunders, and Keith Thirgood.

To learn more about registering, visit the BMSLP website! BMSLP will also be exhibiting with The Gallery in September 2023! We are excited to feature the past and present students of this renown school.