Key Messages, August 2023

Key Messages Update
Key Messages

Organizational Excellence

  • CEO Recruitment Committee: Terms of Reference were approved for the Ad Hoc CEO Recruitment Committee which will be responsible for recruitment, screening, and recommendations for the next BMPL CEO. The committee members are Laurey Gillies (Chair), Julia Scott (Vice Chair) and Marie Swift. A special in-camera meeting of the Board will be held on September 13, 2023 to consider recommendation(s) from the committee and next steps. [OE1]

Community Hubs

  • Response to Council Motions: The Board has been meeting to prepare the requested Needs Assessment pertaining to the future library expansion. The Board will be requesting a second Joint Meeting to present the fulsome analysis and to bring forward the required data on usage. The Board is also seeing clarity on their role within the multi-use facilities study in order to achieve “full-consultation pertaining to the Multi-Use Feasibility Study”. The Board is also requesting clarification in determine the role of the Craigleith Community Working Group (CCWG) and the development of services in Craigleith, specifically how the Library Board can play a role. Additionally, the Board is requesting clarity on the CCWG and if the BMRA’s CCWG is the official Council Working Group.
  • The Craigleith Station Name Change: A TBM Staff report was provided to Council at the August 14, 2023 Council meeting regarding the name change of the museum. It was noted that “Craigleith Station” is the official name given by Council when they registered with the Ontario Heritage Foundation when the building was designated a heritage property in 2003. Per policy, Council will holding a consultation period and Public Meeting which is yet to be scheduled. All comments can be submitted directly to the Town Clerk and will be included in the final report to Council. [CH2]
  • Arts Walk 2023 a Success! As a key partner within the community, BMPL developed the Arts Walk to promote the Bruce/Marsh Street Corridor. It was held Saturday, July 8th with over 750 participants visiting over 50 stops along the 2.2 km route. This was a wonderful way to showcase our thriving arts and culture community and support businesses along the route.

Empowering Services

  • 2023 Accreditation Received: We are proud to announce that BMPL received 100% on our recent accreditation as a library from the OPLG. Three recommendations were noted and the staff will be working to include these in our future planning.