Youth Health and Wellness

BMPL and Inner Yogies studio have partnered together to bring you a Youth  Mindfulness mini-series beginning Friday, April 9th at 7 pm on The Blue Mountains Public Library YouTube channel. Mindfulness means bringing attention to the present exactly how it is, and this program will focus on well-being through yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, connection, and awareness. It will be a four-part mini-series occurring on the following dates:

Friday, April 9th: Breathing/ meditation/ awareness and connection.

Learn the tools and techniques that will help you find and connect with your inner self, self-esteem and your self-confidence.

Friday, April 16th: Building confidence and transforming energy.

Learn the tools and techniques that will help you utilize your breathing, to cultivate mindfulness, focus and help you become present and aware.

Friday, April 23rd: Focus

Understanding how the breath can help keep you focused in the present, and how breath exhalation will help you release your everyday stressors. Learn how to "Come back" to the present with simple breathing techniques.

Friday, April 30th: Sound Healing, Visualization, and Meditation.

Learn about the many benefits of visual meditation. Visual mediation is the combination of two practices, visualizing something positive and meditation. Sound healing is a practice that focuses on different vibrations, to help relax the body and the mind.

Our Goal:

Our hope for this mini-series is to provide you with the tools to experience the present and to enjoy the pleasant experiences that are surrounding you, while teaching you how to release the stressors of the past, and to become grounded in the present.

What do you need from home?

A yoga mat, laptop, tablet or smart phone to participate and a comfortable place to rest and stretch, where you won’t be distracted. 

This program is open to all ages, with a focus on youth.