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Teen Book Review: Crown of Midnight

Teen Book Review: Crown of Midnight

Posted by Mary on May 16, 2020

Library Student Page Book Reviews - By Teens For Teens

Hi, I’m Mackenzie and I am 16-year-old student page at the L.E. Shore Library and today I will be writing a book review on the young adult novel Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas. Crown of Midnight is the second book in the Throne of Glass series.

At the start of the book, assassin Celena wins a brutal contest and becomes the King’s Champion. She may be the King’s Champion, but Celena is far from loyal to the crown. She vigilantly hides her secret from the King, as she knows that he is bent on evil. The King sends Celena to kill the Rebel Leader, Archer Finn, who is also an old friend of hers. Archer is searching for Aelin Galathynius, the lost Princess of Terrasen, who’s presumed dead. Celena gives Archer an ultimatum: tell her everything and she’ll help him escape the kingdom, or die.

However, Archer has a different plan and doesn’t intend to keep his word to Celena at all. As Celena continues to find a way to make the King believe that she killed Archer Finn, she realizes Archer’s deception. With an unexpected death to uncover, Celena must find Archer and find out what’s really going on. As Celene sets off for Wendlyn to kill the King and Crown Prince, she gives Chaol a secret message that’s only a date—a month and a day. It was the day that Celena had left the city, the day she had snapped at Endovier a year before, and the day her parents had died. What could it mean?

This is an amazing book and it is a wonderful read. I would highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys high fantasy and compelling adventure to read should read this series.

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