BMPL Policies and Plans

By-laws and Governance Policy

These documents describe how the Board, as a corporation, shall conduct the business of the GLAM (including the library, museum/archive and gallery). They pertain to the actions and limitations of the Board, individual board members and CEO.

System Policy

These documents are corporate policies and relate to the Board as a corporation, individual board members, CEO, and personnel (employees, volunteers, placements). In some cases System policies refer to the public as well. This is identified within individual policies where relevant.

System Plan or Procedure

System Plans/Procedures are the mechanism in which the System policies are implemented.

Administrative Policy

These document define how the CEO and staff will conduct the operations of the library, museum and gallery. Administrative policies refer to all classes of personnel including employees, volunteers, and placements such as cooperative education students and interns.

Administrative Plan

Administrative Plans/Procedures/Programs are the mechanism in which the Administrative policies are implemented.

Public Usage Policy

These document describe the users (patrons/borrowers/visitors) rights and limitations within the library, museum, and gallery. By accessing services at any Blue Mountains Public Library locations, the individual agrees to abide by these policies. Many are legislated, such as borrowers’ rights; while others are best practice, such as Code of Conduct.

Public Usage Plan or Procedure

The Public Use Plan/Procedure are also called Programs in legislation, and are the mechanism in which the policy is implemented.

Terms of Reference (ToR)

The Terms of Reference (ToR) are the policy which governs the various committees/councils activities. These ToR may be Board or CEO approved, depending on where the committee reports.

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