2024 Arts & Crafts Walk Participation Information

The Arts & Culture Council (ACC) for The Gallery at L.E. Shore are thrilled to be planning another Arts Walk on July 6, 2024! Please see below for information about participating in this event.

2023 Blue Mountains Arts Walk

In July 2023, we made history and organized the first Blue Mountains Arts Walk, which included over 50 stops between Thornbury and Clarksburg featuring artists and artisans. This enthusiastic response and participation from community members created a remarkable success – roughly 800 people participated in the 2.2km walk showcasing our local arts and culture community!

2023 Arts Walk Map   

2023 Arts Walk Image Gallery

2024 Blue Mountains Arts & Crafts Walk

The 2024 Arts & Crafts Walk will be a 2.2km experience on July 6 (10am-4pm) and run along Bruce/Marsh streets between Thornbury and Clarksburg. Features will include:

  • Stops along the route with food vendors, musicians, artists, artisans, and craft makers.
  • A physical (as well as digital) map to guide attendees through the Walk.
  • A shuttle to transport walkers – attendees can park their car at one end, do the Walk and then take the shuttle back to their starting spot!
  • Amenities throughout the Walk.

Join Us as a Participant 

We are looking for artists and crafters (of any medium), food vendors, musicians, restaurants, galleries, businesses, churches and homes to join us for this exciting day! Please see the dropdowns below for information pertaining to each type of participant and how to register.

Contact Us

Our team at L.E. Shore will be managing the administrative side of this event and can be reached through email at TheGallery@TheBlueMountains.ca or at 519-599-3681 ext 142. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or need help with registering.

Together we can make this a fantastic day for our local communities and tourists alike. We look forward to hearing from you!