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Governance Body Orientation Materials

This page is intended for Library Board Members and Museum Advisory Council Members to have a one-stop for orientation materials. Nothing on this page is confidential; however, if community members are reading this page, you may wish to schedule an appointment with the CEO to have an overview of the content.

Orientation Library Board

The Orientation for Library Board Members is divided into the five primary areas of Board function, as defined by the Ontario Library Boards Association (OLBA): Planning, Legal, Finance, Governance, & Policy.  We have also added a General section for items which cross over more than one area.


  1. Definitions
  2. The CEO's Role in Board Development (SOLS)
  3. Orientation Agenda Library Board 2019
  4. Board Orientation PPT 1-8-19
  5. Joint Board / Council Orientation PPT 1-14-19


  1. Mission-Vision-Values
  2. GLAM Mandates
  3. Strategic Plan 2018-2022 [Full Document]
  4. Strategic Plan 2018-2022 Executive Summary is available in print at LES/CHD.
  5. Year in Review 2017-2018
  6. Year in Review 2018
  7. Action Plan 2019
  8. Feasibility Study & Space Plan


  1. Understanding the PLA [MTCS]
  2. Public Libraries Act, RSO 1990
  3. Other Legislation
  4. Oath of Confidentiality 


  1. 2019 Approved BMPL Budget  see also complete 2019 Approved TBM Budget 
  2. Finance Report Training
  3. 2017 BMPL Audited Statements


  1. Roberts Rules of Order [condensed]
  2. MOU Between BMPL & TBM
  3. Cut to the Chase [model for distinction of roles Library/Museum]
  4. Governance Hub
  5. Year 1 Library Board Training-SOLS
  6. Resource Kit for New Library Board Members 
  7. Key Competencies for Library Board Trustees
  8. The Importance of Public Libraries [FOPL]
  9. Spotlight on Ontario Public Libraries
  10. Municipal Councillors Public Library Handbook 2018
  11. About OLBA
  12. OLBA One Place to Look
  13. Ontario Public Library Guidelines Accreditations & Monitoring Council
  14. Previous Board Package


  1. By-Laws & Policies [up to date documents include System Policies, By-Laws, Personnel Policies, Health & Safety Policies, and Plans]
  2. AODA Primer
  3. CEO Job Fact Sheet 2018
  4. CEO Competencies (SOLS) [related to HR evaluation/hiring of CEO]
  5. Terms of Reference: Organizational Capacity, By-Laws & Governance Committee (OC-BLG)
  6. Terms of Reference: Vibrant Spaces & Capital Campaign Committee (VS-CC)
  7. Terms of Reference: Communication & Strategic Plan Committee (C-SP)

Orientation MAC

While the Museum sector does not have the same quantity of documents as libraries, the same functions are required for our MAC.  Therefore we have identified below the distinct content for museums, but use much of the same Library Board documents as well.

  1. MAC Orientation 3-19-2018
  2. Standards for Community Museums in Ontario
  3. MAC / CEO / Curator Roles & Responsibilities
  4. Oath of Confidentiality MAC
  5. Terms of Reference: Museum Advisory Committee (MAC)
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