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Welcome to the Craigleith Heritage Depot. We are a museum, a branch of the Blue Mountains Public Library, an archive, and a tourism information centre: a true community hub!

Learn more about the Craigleith Heritage Depot, local history resources, tourism info, programs and events, and more.

Please note: Craigleith Heritage Depot is temporarily closed while we undergo renovations to improve our air quality. You are invited to engage with our online exhibits and research resources. Our staff, other museum, archival, and library services are available at L.E. Shore Memorial Library. Outdoor Wi-Fi access and the Craigleith Heritage Depot bookdrop are still available for use. 

View photo updates on the remediation project.

This Frequently Asked Question page has been added to assist in transparency pertaining to our temporary closure and current service model. As new questions are posed, or updated responses become available, we will provide updates to this document. For photo updates, view here

When will the museum be open again?

UPDATED 3-30-20 As a result of COVID-19 we anticipate the CHD reopening to be further delayed. We had anticipated the opening would occur by early summer. The timing is based on the remediation schedule and outside contractors to complete the work. Ongoing updates will be made as we move through the process. Of course, much of the work will be halted until after the pandemic has passed. Prior to the Town facilities shutdown in March, the radon remediation did occur and we are now undergoing a 91 day test on the facility for further radon issues. So even though other work and meetings have halted, this important test is now occurring.

What is the cost of the remediation?

The Craigleith Heritage Depot and TBM staff are working together to research the remediation needs. Once the initial remediation of radon occurs we will be able to allow vendors to visit the location and build proposals to complete the work.

What was the effect of air quality in museum for the public?

Areas of the building with elevated results for mould and/or radon were restricted to non-public spaces. 

I am concerned I may have radon in my home.  How do I get more information?

The Grey Bruce Public Health Unit has a number of resources relating to radon.

What Museum services are available?

Research services and museum inquiries can be made online, by email or in person at LE Shore Library where museum staff are working.  On-line exhibits and research resources at and exterior static exhibit panels are available 24 hours a day.  

How do I donate to the museum when it is closed?

UPDATED 3-30-20 Contact the museum curator at or 519-599-3681 and provide the details of your donation. Cash donations can always be taken via phone or mail as well. 

Can I still borrow snowshoes?

UPDATED 3-16-20 Snowshoes are available for pick up and return at the LE Shore Branch only. These will return to CHD once the facility is reopened. While the Town-wide facilities are closed, these and all physical materials are not available.

Where can I get tourism resources?

Ambassador Tourism centres are the Town of The Blue Mountains Town Hall, Royal Harbour Resort and Scandinave Spa. L.E. Shore also has a display with number of fliers and brochures provided by local companies and groups. 

Can I still drop my books off to the museum?

UPDATED 3-30-20 No. Due to the Minister's Order to close Library, Museum and Tourism facilities, books can be dropped off at L.E. Shore only at this time. We apologize for the Craigleith loss, but this allows us to limit staff contact in our buildings and with potential virus. 

Can I still use WIFI at the museum? 

All Wi-Fi services are continuing as normal. You may access Wi-Fi on the grounds or from your car in the parking lot.  Standard login is required.

What can I do to help?

UPDATED 2-27-20 The staff of both the museum and the Town have been working on testing, remediation, and budget planning since our temporary closure on October 24, 2019.  As well as the Blue Mountains Public Library Board, Museum Advisory Council and Town of the Blue Mountains Council all have expressed their belief that the Craigleith Heritage Depot must be opened as quickly, but as safely as possible. While it may feel like this is taking a long time, all parties are working together to remediate the situation and reopen with as minimal impact to the community.

What has happened to date in remediation?

UPDATED 2-27-20 Throughout February the CHD staff emptied areas of the building to prepare for the radon remediation. All library materials were brought back to LE Shore for use and/or storage. On February 26th Mr. Radon completed the radon remediation installation. We now will wait for testing to come back to see if it has been successful or if additional remediation equipment is needed for radon in other areas of the building (expected June 2020). The CEO, Curator and TBM members are meeting bi-weekly on Health & Safety of staff and facility remediation and reopening. 

What are our next steps?

UPDATED 3-30-20 Concurrently The Craigleith Heritage Depot and TBM staff are working together to develop an RFP for the planning and remediation of issues related to mould. At this time we are conducting research on new HVAC systems which meet museum/archive standards and which will achieve remediation of the other air contaminants. For a visual update, visit the remediation progress photo gallery. This RFP will not be released until after the pandemic, which will delay the reopening of the facility.

If you have additional questions, please email Dr. Sabrina Saunders, CEO at or Andrea Wilson, Curator at

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