MAP 2022-2023 Digital Tour

Town of The Blue Mountains 11th Annual Municipal Arts Program

The Municipal Arts Program (M.A.P.) is an initiative of the Town of The Blue Mountains, inaugurated in 2012 to showcase contemporary art and culture. By featuring the work of regional artists at Town Hall, the program engages and educates while enlivening and enriching the community as a whole. 

This digital tour marks the 11th year of the MAP; featuring the works of Diana Bick, Marilyn Black, Leah den Bok, Kim Collins, Kyle Haight, Gita Karklins, Catherine MacLean, Craig Sealy, Paulette West, and Sandra Whitehead.

All purchases can be taken by phone by calling 519-599-3681 ext. 142, through email, and in-person at the L.E. Shore Branch.