Museum Advisory Council (MAC)

Members 2018-2022

  • Christine Clark (Chair)
  • Rob Potter
  • Rick Rzeplinski
  • Kirsty Stevenson
  • Robert B. Waind

The Museum Advisory Council is accepting applications to sit on this committee. Positions will be for the balance of the term, concluding in 2022. Applicants should submit a letter of interest and the application cover letter. Opportunities are also available to support MAC Collections Fundraising initiatives. Contact 

MAC is governed by a Terms of Reference and is appointed by the Library Board at the beginning of the Library Board term.  The MAC, as a Council of BMPL, follows all BMPL Policy and is responsible for approval of Museum related policy.

The Standards for Community Museums in Ontario, as per the Ontario Heritage Act, RSO 1990 Regulation 877—Grants for Museumsrequires a governance body dedicated to the museum’s governance. Accordingly, the Blue Mountains Public Library Board has established the Museum Advisory Council to fulfill this role and to ensure that the museum meets standards to qualify as a Community Museum.

Orientation Materials.

Interested in making a Deputation or providing Public Input on the Agenda?

Any member of the Community may make a Deputation as a registered presenter on any topic, or register on site for the Community Input on the Agenda (limited time and number of presenters and may only be on an agenda item).  A Deputation Request Form must be received by the Board Secretary by noon, the Monday prior to the date of the next scheduled MAC meeting (4th Wednesday of the month).  In order to be included on the public agenda, deputations must be registered no later than noon on the 3rd Wednesday of the month.  If the Deputation Request Form is received after the deadline, or if the Agenda is deemed to be full, the presentation may be delayed until a subsequent MAC meeting.

MAC Meeting's Open Session may be attended by the community.  Any individual may speak at a meeting, during the designated section, pertaining to items on the agenda.  Time limit for the Public Input on the Agenda is 3 minutes per speaker and with a 20 minute limit on the agenda. 

Full criteria can be found on BLG.2018.6 Meetings of the Board Section 7: Deputations and Section 8 Public Input on the Agenda.

MAC orientation materials are available at Governance Body Orientation.