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Developed by New Sun Design, the new Blue Mountains Public Library logo was officially launched May 1, 2022.

Why a New Logo

In 2020 it was determined that the old logo had limitations when it came to social media and print. With it being a set rectangle that had no options to adjust this, we felt it would be best to have the logo revamped so it could be turned into a square or circle, as most social media requires. Additionally, while the use of the Bay and escarpment are iconic, it makes the BMPL imagery overused by many other organizations and companies. The relaunched image places the iconic bay/escarpment squarely with the Town logo, and lets BMPL have an image which is more functional to our needs. 

Why the Variety of Logos?

Some have asked why we are using multiple logos to represent BMPL. This is a great question and is a new concept to branding. Traditionally one image would be used to hone in on a brand. The BMPL will be using the icon (without words) throughout our brand, but it may be in different forms. The landscape logo and portrait logo are our most popular and are used with the icon and name, depending on best fit. The icon alone is most used on social media as they look for a circle with an image to be the organizational image. Finally, we may be using a white version of these logos in order to do a print on darker surfaces, although this will be more sparing.


About the Logo

The new Blue Mountains Public Library logo was designed by the team at New Sun Design (Thornbury). The logo conceptually represents the ‘B’ and ‘M’ of our Blue Mountains community with the sun shining on the landscape.

“As residents of Thornbury for 24 years and as active users of the library, it was an absolute pleasure to have the opportunity to work with the Blue Mountains Public Library on their new logo creative. We put a considerate amount of time in the final concept ensuring the infamous architecture of the original L.E. Shore Library was represented while adding new pop in complimentary colours and simplicity of fonts in the new logo going forward. For further explanation of our idea, please visit or website.”

In addition to the new BMPL logo, we still have 2 additional parts of our GLAM (Gallery, Library, Archives & Museum) who utilize some branding for their programs that is supplemental to the BMPL image. This includes The Craigleith Heritage Depot and The Gallery at L.E. Shore. 


Did you know that BMPL has had 2 previous logos? The most recent was developed following the TBM amalgamation which effectively changed the name of the organization to The Blue Mountains Public Library. In 1995, when the L.E. Shore Memorial Library was established as a union library between Thornbury and Clarksburg, the logo was the pen and ink sketch of the building. Some of you still have this image on original library cards.


Additionally, from time-to-time BMPL has included one off versions of our imagery to celebrate our milestones or major initiatives. These do not take the place of our approved logo, but have been used for an extended duration to promote these programs.