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Library Service Update March 16, 2020

Library Service Update March 16, 2020

Posted by Sabrina on March 16, 2020

The Town of the Blue Mountains Council met today in Committee of the Whole to, among other business, hear a report by TBM staff on COVID-19 and services/facilities.

At this meeting all buildings have been closed, while services will be continuing online and virtually. Please view the TBM COVID-19 Information for Town specific information. The Blue Mountains Public Library buildings were included in this closure through April 17th.

How can I access BMPL services during the shutdown?

The BMPL Staff are working today and Tuesday to set up a temporary service model.

  1. Our Virtual Branch is always available online 24/7 for reading and entertainment materials. There are great resources that all community members should investigate.
  2. We also are establishing a new Things To Do At Home page which includes links to children’s games, activities, stories and programs online. These will also be promoted on our Instagram and Facebook pages.
  3. Additionally, in light of the shutdown, we have enhanced our holds programs in order to provide materials to those who are interested:
  1. Place your hold online at [Your login is your library card, your pin is the last 4 digits of your phone number on file]
  2. While you may request more than 6 items (e.g. DVD, book, etc), we will limit the number of items we pull each day per person based on the size of space we have to make this service work. Request daily if this works better for you, but please do not stockpile, as we cannot house our entire collection outside.
  3. Just like our typical holds notification, we will contact you via email or phone when the item(s) you have requested are available. We will then place them on the new Holds Carts at the parking lot entrance. Different from our typical process, is that these items will be held for a maximum of 2 days on the cart only and be outside between 11am-4pm. On poor weather days, we will move these carts into the outer vestibule on the parking lot side. While we allow typical holds to be there longer, we just do not have the room to do this, so please ask if and only if you can get here to retrieve it. If you can not pick up on the day we offer the materials, please let us know and we will hold putting those materials outside.
  4. When you come to retrieve your book, it will already be checked out to you. Simply take it. ONLY TAKE BOOKS IN YOUR NAME! Read the label of first and last name as last names are often common. Please remember these books are not for browsing.
  5. It is important to keep the social distancing rule of a minimum of 5 feet, so please do not line up in a queue. Remain in your car. Wait if there are others. And of course, enjoy your materials.
  6. Any interlibrary loan materials which have been received via Canada Post will be on these carts, but no new materials can be ordered as libraries across the province have shut down.
  7. Please note this is a pilot program and one unique to our library. We are trying new services as long as it is practical, it is safe, and as long as there is no abuse of the protocols listed above, including the social distancing protocol.
  1. We also have a give-away cart. This is clearly marked. Any community member may grab and go from this cart. Please do not return these when you have read them. They were scheduled to go to our book sale anyways.

The BMPL staff will be working shifts on site to complete the phone and internet questions, as well as to provide the new service model. The building is closed and we will not respond to any inquiries face to face.

Again, please continue to watch the Service Updates & COVID-19 webpage for ongoing updates.

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