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L.E. Shore Library reopens to the public on Tuesday, August 18

L.E. Shore Library reopens to the public on Tuesday, August 18

Posted by Elisa on August 10, 2020

L.E. Shore has the opportunity to have the stone entry floors refinished this summer. As a result, the building will reopen one-week later than planned, on Tuesday, August 18th. Curbside pickup will continue until then.

The Blue Mountains Public Library has been given permission to proceed to our Stage 2 opening of L.E. Shore Library (LES). Our CEO and staff have developed a reopening plan, approved by GBHU, which takes into account the need for enhanced cleaning and additional staffing in order to meet the health monitoring station required.

BMPL Multi-Stage Plan During the Pandemic

BMPL has a multi-stage reopening plan for the pandemic. Following the provincial Stage 1 announcement, on June 2 BMPL moved into our 3rd Phase of the organizations plan when we began curbside pickup. On August 18, we will move to our Phase 3, which is a limited opening browse and go, with no indoor programs. This phase will be our model for the foreseeable future and include limited access to the facility and no browsing of the main collections.

Maximum capacity at this phase of our opening is limited to 15 patrons in the building at a time, so staff will monitor as patrons enter and exit. Spaces will be marked, both inside and outside the building, to maintain physical distancing in lines waiting to enter and exit. We ask all community members maintain 2 meters distance at all times. We also ask you wear your mask inside the building, as well as when queued up in lines outside, as the entry is narrow, and those leaving the building and entering the building must occupy the same 2 meter space. For this reason, everyone should wear a mask when on BMPL property. 

When our Stage 2 begins on August 18, we will be ending our Phase 1 Curbside Pickup. At that time our holds program will move from curbside to indoor holds pickup only. 

What to Expect Upon Arrival

Upon arrival, patrons will be greeted by our Monitoring Station staff. At this station all visitors will sanitize hands and present their library card for contact tracing. Those who are not active patrons will be required to complete a contact tracing form. All visitors will be required to wear a mask. Those with medical conditions which preclude mask use will be provided with a face shield while onsite. Persons with disabilities and children under 2 are exempted from mask or face shield use.

The Gallery and a small section of the building will be available for browsing displays; however, the main library collection will not be available for browsing in this Phase. Holds will continue to be the best option for guaranteeing materials are available to you when you arrive. As no curbside pickup will occur when we reopen, all holds will be retrieved from inside the building.

New Hours

Hours of operation have been adjusted for the foreseeable period to align our new staffing needs:

  • Tuesday 12-7pm. (Opening at 11am for Seniors in the month of August)
  • Wednesday 12-5pm. 
  • Thursday 12-7pm. (Opening at 11am for Seniors in the month of August)
  • Friday 12-5pm. 
  • Saturday 12-4pm. (Opening at 11am for Families in the month of August)
  • Closed Sunday and Monday

To better serve our high-risk seniors and families, LES will pre-open in our August weeks at 11am on Tuesday & Thursday for seniors and 11am Saturday for families.

Computer and Wi-Fi Access

Due to physical distancing, only 2 of the LES computers will be available for PC access. To facilitate use, these PCs will be available by appointment and limited to 45 minute slots beginning at the top of the hour. Appointments can be made by calling or using  a new online form. Two of the Creator Space editing suite computers are also available to those have been qualified to use these items in workshops. These may also be booked through the online form, with bookings lasting 90 minutes.

Wi-Fi will be available outside of the facility. Given that no seating will be available in LES during our Phase 2, it is best to use Wi-Fi from the comfort of your vehicle or seated outside at our tables, benches, or Muskoka chairs.

Programs in 2020

Due to physical distancing, the staff are not able to provide any inside programs. This includes The Gallery receptions or any rentals. Some programs have been planned for outside activities. Other programs will remain as virtual programs. Throughout this pandemic we will continue to redesign face to face programs so there is no loss of activities being provided. One example is our new Kids Club which is taking the place of our After School Club in 2020. Registration is now open for this program. All programs are promoted on our Event Calendar. As the pandemic proceeds, we will continue to make decisions and release more information.

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