Libby Loop

Q. I can't download a book on the Libby app. I am prompted to enter my library card, then confirm my library card. When I try again to download the book, I am prompted again for my library card number. I am in an endless loop. Please help!

A. The trouble you haves encountered may be resolved by removing your library card in Libby, then adding it again. Your loans and holds will reappear on the Shelf when you re-add your card.

  1. At the bottom of the Libby app, tap the middle icon. Libby Help Icon
  2. Select the card for our library. If you use more than one library, you will have more than one card. Tap where it reads "1 Card".
  3. You will see your Linked Card. Linked Card
  4. On the Linked Card, tap Actions, then Remove Card. Confirm Yes, Remove Card.
  5. To re-enter your card, tap Add A Card and sign in again. Tap Choose A Location and select Blue Mountains Public Library. Add your 14 digit library card number and tap Sign In.
  6. You can tap Hide or swipe right to go back to your Shelf.