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The Gallery at L.E. Shore in Thornbury is a lovely, vaulted exhibition space that hosts monthly exhibits by both individuals and groups within the community. The Arts & Culture Council, a volunteer appointed body, juries exhibits and assists in programming a variety of arts and cultural presentations. Subscribe to the In The Gallery blog.

March Trio: Black, Kimble & Yang

March Trio: Black, Kimble & Yang

Posted by Sabrina on March 5, 2020

The Arts & Culture Council invite you to experience the March Trio featuring the works of Michael Black, Peggy Kimble and Raquell Yang. Exhibit runs March 7-April 1, 2020. Opening Reception: TODAY Saturday, March 7th from 2:00-4:00pm.

Michael Black is new to The Gallery at L.E. Shore. He explained, “Whether more 'organic' or more oriented towards symbolic representations of ancient cultural artifacts, the various approaches taking to my work are held together by a sense of the fragility of the current moment in history, both in terms of the natural world in its complex inter-relationship with the structures we have imposed upon it, over time”. His abstract textured surfaces are used to 'scrape away' veneers in an attempt to show some kind of essence.

Peggy Kimble has been shown in The Gallery’s Showcases before, her Temari Japanese silk embroidered balls are a hot seller. Peggy grew up in England, and as far back as she can remember, she sewed. Spending a lifetime embroidering, this month’s exhibit will celebrate her work in the decadent Temari and Japanese Silk and Metal Embroidery. For the last twenty-five years, Kimble has made Temari (Japanese meaning “hand” and “ball”) an art form which originated in China for the nobility and involved covering homemade balls and embroidering them with silk thread. Her Japanese Silk and Metal Embroidery she learned in Atlanta, Georgia, where to graduate as a teacher, she mastered the required forty-six different techniques, using silk and metal threads and working them into a lustrous piece of silk.  

Raquell Yang is an artist from Taiwan who is now a resident in Owen Sound. She produces sophisticated Chinese brush paintings which fuse modern and traditional techniques, as well as western and eastern styles.  Her interpretation results in colourful, whimsical and highly creative renderings of imaginary beings. Yang’s Chinese painting style includes beautiful paintings on silk and rice paper, oils, children’s art, calligraphy, large wall murals, mixed media and other specialized types of art. The power of these delicate pieces are most inspiring.

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