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The Gallery at L.E. Shore in Thornbury is a lovely, vaulted exhibition space that hosts monthly exhibits by both individuals and groups within the community. The Arts & Culture Council, a volunteer appointed body, juries exhibits and assists in programming a variety of arts and cultural presentations. Subscribe to the In The Gallery blog.

2022-2023 MAP Open House

2022-2023 MAP Open House

Posted by Franz on August 30, 2022

Join us tomorrow, August 31st, from 9am-4:30pm for the 11th Annual Municipal Art Program (MAP) open house!

The Municipal Art Program (MAP) is an initiative of The Town of The Blue Mountains, inaugurated in 2012 to showcase contemporary art and culture. By featuring the work of regional artists at Town Hall, the program engages and educates while enlivening and enriching the community as a whole. 

On August 31st, specially curated art and photography will be on display in the Town Hall atrium before it is hung throughout the Hall for the duration of a year. An online exhibit will also be available for viewing on the Library website. Artists featured include:

Kyle Haight
Kyle Haight’s paintings depict fanciful abstract vessels, floating in an utopian space on a sea of atmospheric colours. Each geometric composition of morphing shapes seems to be slowly advancing across a cloud-streaked, watery surface. Haight might characterize these as convoluted thought patterns emerging from a softer, serene backdrop. Haight rigorously structures his own creative process through stages he calls: progression, diversity and refinement. In this way he is able to begin with raw, intuitive experimentation in colour and form, followed by a more conscious, reflective application of rhythm, contrast, detail, and learned techniques. Landscapes of mysterious connections emerge in these paintings and invite imaginative and playful interpretations on the part of the viewer.

Kyle also showed in the 2021-2022 MAP, and his piece Equinox Algorithm II will continue to hang in the main stairs. Kyle's website:

Catherine Maclean
Although Catherine MacLean has no formal training in the arts, she has participated in many workshops and studied with a variety of artists. She is inspired by the beauty of the Blue Mountains area and the many talented artists who make learning and painting such a joy. After painting for several years Catherine has progressed from watercolours and acrylics to her present work with oils. She particularly loves the way oils blend and move while working with a brush and more recently a pallet knife.

Leah den Bok
Leah den Bok is a fashion and portrait photographer. She studied photography for several years until she earned her degree. Her humanitarian project entitled Humanizing The Homeless has been published in the books, Nowhere to Call Home—Photographs and Stories of People Experiencing Homelessness, Volumes One, Two, Three, and Four.

Her work is featured in CBS, BBC, MTV, Vogue Italia, CBC, Corriere Della Sera, Toronto Star, Toronto Sun, Family Channel, CTV, Chatelaine, TVO, Global News, Breakfast Television, Victoria News, Rogers Television, Blog TO, Flannel Magazine, Mob Journal, and more.

Paulette West
In describing her work, Paulette would say that it is eclectic, covering a range of subject matter and media, generally following her heart. Her musical pieces are inspired by her love of music. Having attended many TSO and Jazz concerts, she observed the close personal relationship a musician has with the instrument played. So, the instrument became a personification of the musician allowing for more objectivity in the art work.  

Marilyn Black
Marilyn Black lives in the Barrie area. She works in acrylic paint and loves texture and colour. Her passion for art has drifted towards abstraction. She finds it fun to stretch the form and landscape using line and colour. Marilyn has studied drawing at The MacLaren Art Gallery and taken courses at Sir Sanford Fleming and The McMichael Art Gallery.

Diana Bick
Diana retired to the Blue Mountains in 2018. Her love of Arts and Culture combined with her Education led to her position as the Director and Educator of the Art Curriculum at Hillcrest Progressive School in Toronto. 

Although an educator by profession she has always maintained an art studio in her home and her work has been shown at many galleries.

Craig Sealy
Craig Sealy has run Fusion - a business making artisanal soap and textile accessories for over a decade. He has been exploring the world of textiles and making one of a kind functional items such as oven mitts, pot holders and lavender eye pillows.

Craig has recently decided to change the focus of his work and return to making quilted wall hangings, one of his early textile passions!

Sandra Whitehead
Sandra is an entrepreneur and has over the years owned and operated her own business. She loves to paint and has come to consider this more than just a hobby. Sandra has supported the arts and artists for over 50 years. She loves to watch the process and have a feeling for and understand the pathway artists take as they go through the creation of something unique and original. Sandra's connection with this area is long standing and she currently lives and enjoys life in Thornbury.

Gita Karklins
Skies have been a main feature in many of Gita's paintings over the years. She spends a lot of time looking at the sky in hopes of finding a suitable, preferably dramatic, cloud formation. Climate and weather - not only important concerns but also challenging subjects for paintings. 

The pink plastic pig has been a favourite model for Gita's paintings. She has a lot of sympathy for real-life pigs who generally lead hard lives. Late Sunset [piece in MAP exhibit] was based on the late stage of a sunset — they can otherwise be difficult to paint because of the strong colours

Kim Collins
When the pandemic of 2020 became a reality, Kim, like many others, felt helpless, lost and scared. News of PPE (personal protective equipment) shortages, she felt compelled to somehow help.

Easter weekend Kim started sewing scrub caps, by weeks end she shipped 89 caps to Collingwood General Marine Hospital. During Kim's online pattern quest, she stumbled upon the Facebook Group Scrub Caps for Ontario Frontline Workers. They were seeking volunteers, she immediately joined. Collectively, the group had over 150 volunteers from across Ontario. Within a few months, they shipped 14,056 scrub caps to hospitals and care facilities all over the province. 

Kim's artwork always contains a recycled or repurposed element. After sewing 500 scrub caps, a huge pile of leftover bits of fabric remained, so naturally she had to find a purpose for these pieces. The Fabric of Our Times [piece in MAP exhibit] is a historically significant collection of mixed media artworks that not only symbolizes dedication, craftsmanship and teamwork, but also celebrates the success of the Ontario Scrub Cap Group. Each scrap piece of fabric is insignificant alone but when sewn together becomes something greater. Strength comes from working together.

Items are available for sale through the L.E. Shore Branch of The Blue Mountains Public Library. Please feel welcome to call 519 599-3681 or email for inquiries.

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