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The Gallery at L.E. Shore in Thornbury is a lovely, vaulted exhibition space that hosts monthly exhibits by both individuals and groups within the community. The Arts & Culture Council, a volunteer appointed body, juries exhibits and assists in programming a variety of arts and cultural presentations. Subscribe to the In The Gallery blog.



Posted by Wanda on October 7, 2019

The McCann Textile Collection

Tuesday October 29, 7:00 pm

A special Arts and Culture presentation by collector Barbara McCann.

Photographs and anecdotes tell the story of assembling the McCann Textile Collection, cloth trading, the migration of people and the use of cloth to express cultural values. For five decades, Barbara collected textiles wherever she lived and travelled.  This collection is known as “Sakakke”, Hausa for ‘that which is woven’.

The McCann collection of some 2,000 pieces encompasses many countries in Africa: South, South East, and Central Asia: the Pacific Islands; as well as Central America. This talk will focus on Africa.

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