The Gallery at L.E. Shore

The Gallery at L.E. Shore in Thornbury is a lovely, vaulted exhibition space that hosts monthly exhibits by both individuals and groups within the community. The Arts & Culture Council, a volunteer appointed body, juries exhibits and assists in programming a variety of arts and cultural presentations. Subscribe to the In The Gallery blog.

Double Vision: Lisa Hannaford & Jim Stacey

Double Vision: Lisa Hannaford & Jim Stacey

Posted by Wanda on August 20, 2019


In September, The Arts & Culture Council presents Double Vision: Lisa Hannaford and Jim Stacey 
The opening reception is Saturday, September 7, 2019, from 2-4 pm.  [This is a licensed event].

Lisa Hannaford and Jim Stacey, two artists with radically different approaches, will share the gallery in a two-person show which showcases the lush, impressionist paintings of Hannaford alongside a series of two and three-dimensional abstract pieces in paper by Jim Stacey.
"My objective in creating these paperwork pieces is twofold. The pieces themselves demonstrate the many ways paper is used as a medium; collage, papier maché, origami, print and photography are examples. My second objective is to inspire reflection on topical issues through the execution of the pieces themselves". [Jim Stacey] 

On display in The Gallery from August 31st till September 25th, during library hours.

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