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The Gallery at L.E. Shore in Thornbury is a lovely, vaulted exhibition space that hosts monthly exhibits by both individuals and groups within the community. The Arts & Culture Council, a volunteer appointed body, juries exhibits and assists in programming a variety of arts and cultural presentations. Subscribe to the In The Gallery blog.

In the Gallery: Celebrating the Colour Green

In the Gallery: Celebrating the Colour Green

Posted by Hannah on February 15, 2021

Exhibit Launch: Celebrating the Colour Green

February 15, 2021 – March 29, 2021

The Arts and Culture Council (ACC) for The Gallery at L.E. Shore is pleased the newest exhibit in The Gallery: Celebrating the Colour Green. This open invitation, Salon Arts and Crafts exhibition is 100% virtual, and is available on The Blue Mountains Public Library's Gallery Exhibits webpage. This show will run through the end of March. We have 26 artists participating this year. Find out more about these artists below. 

Call for Artists

This year the ACC will host a Juried Show. Originally planned for 2020 and the Gallery’s 25th anniversary, this will be a fantastic opportunity to submit for judging and receive feedback from respected artists. The 2021 Juried Show will open the registration portal in mid-March and run through April 30. The submissions will then be judged for shortlisting for invitation to hang in the gallery in July (2D and 3D) and August (Photography). In both categories we will be offering regular registration and a youth competition (20 and under). For more information on applying to show in this exhibit, visit our Applying to Exhibit page.

The Municipal Arts Program (MAP) will be opening the call for applications in May, and in late summer we will be opening the call for artists to exhibit in The Gallery at L.E. Shore in 2022.

Featured Artists: Celebrating the Colour Green

Diana Bick: An intuitive painter who trusts in her self-expression, Diana’s keen sense of observation and her years of practice and knowledge. Her non-objective pieces are recognizable for their movement, vibrancy and organic awareness. The manipulation of the paint’s liquidity and viscosity and varied means of application produce distinctive works. Diana’s pieces are about colour, shape, texture and a strong sense of design; the harmony of the colours, capturing the movement of the paint and balancing the shapes.

Pamella Branch: Pamella was born in Toronto, educated at Sheridan College and the Ontario College of Art & Design. Upon graduation she pursued design, working with design firms and advertising agencies. Her pursuit of landscape painting started about 16 years ago with an invitation by a friend to join an informal group to paint. Since then, Pamella’s work has been represented in Purple Hills Studio Tours, The Blue Mountain Foundation for the Arts Studio Tour, various galleries including The Gladstone Hotel in Toronto, FAD Peaks & Rafters and the L.E. Shore Library. Her canvases depict the untamed, unmatched spirit of water, undiluted colours or high- contrast monochromes. Oil used with bold intensity give the compositions movement, and emotional intimacy with each painting. The love Pamella has for the subject is evident in the personality and spirit of the land she paints.

Joyce Carr: Joyce is an emerging artist, embracing herself in making art and art appreciation since retirement. Education in fine arts was not Joyce’s path however her long career, in developmental services, volunteer work in areas of palliative care for both adults and children, developed a passion for life itself and the beauty around us. Joyce is a Director of Southampton Arts and has chaired two exhibitions celebrating the founder of the Southampton Art School and its 60th Anniversary. She is also a member of Shoreline Artists and the Meaford Artists Association. Joyce continues to experiment to find her preferred medium. She enjoys adding texture to her watercolours and acrylics, therefore often producing works of mixed media.

Carolyn Corner: Carolyn is a Duntroon resident living on the Niagara Escarpment. Acrylics are her medium of choice. The “lay of the land” is what she mostly paints. Fields, fence rows, trees and vistas are what catches Carolyn’s eye. To capture and interpret a moment in time is her goal. 

Sue Davies: Sue is an Owen Sound artist who works mainly in acrylics. The beauty of nature is reflected in her peaceful and detailed paintings of wildlife and the Canadian landscape. Sue has an Honors B.A. and BEd in Visual Arts, taught for the Bluewater Board of Education for 20 years and is an active member of the Studio Twenty Group of Painters.

Paulette Dennis: Paulette has been seduced by art from her ¬first memory: drawings, paintings, mostly of nature (trees, rocks, the human figure) with lines that trace elegance and solitude, growth and strength. Many of her drawings are studies of stress lines in rocks, growth lines of vines, flowing lines of animal hair. Paulette’s aim is to keep the lines of her work fresh, seeking, gentle, and beautiful, as she interprets the world around her.

Delia Eastwood: Delia grew up in Waterdown Ontario along the Bruce Trail. She loves our southern Ontario landscape: it’s wide vistas and its craggy railroad embankments. Delia's hope is that her paintings reflect and increase her own appreciation for our outdoor environment as well as bring beauty and colour to other people’s indoor environment. After graduating from McMaster University, Delia moved to Grey County where she has lived ever since. 

Bonnie Gardiner: Bonnie Gardiner is a lifelong resident of Grey County. She currently lives in the ‘burbs of Massie and is a visual artist working mainly in acrylics; a writer; and a certified hatha yoga instructor. She is happiest when she is creating.

Bonnie Hastings: After a lifetime of enjoying the beauty of the flora and fauna in diverse parts of the world, Bonnie decided she would try to capture the wonders of nature by learning how to paint in watercolour. In 2011, she was able to take a course with Marion Anderson at the Southampton Art School. Bonnie especially likes to paint flowers up close and personal to magnify their beauty. She also delights in the many moods of Lake Huron where waves, rocks, sky and beach speak to the diversity of our world and our life in it. Bonnie looks forward to sitting down with her paints and learning new techniques. Most of all she likes to lose herself in creating something of beauty and allowing others to enjoy the wonder and excitement she sees.

Cory Hilliker: Cory Hilliker resides in Owen Sound and has enjoyed crafts in many different medias. In Brantford, she started her career as aquatic instructor trainer, while also enjoying classes in painting, pottery, sewing, etc. After moving to Owen Sound, she continued in the arts as well as in aquatics and coached competitive swimming for many years. She has taken many courses with different instructors in pen and ink, watercolour and acrylics. She enjoys painting the outdoors and flowers. Her artwork comes from the belief that in our lives we must find the magic that makes our souls soar.

Hillary Hopps: Hillary paints with acrylics, on canvass and wood panel. Her favourite subjects are animals, birds, buildings, and landscapes. The art of her great-grandfather, Thomas Smythe, inspired her to start painting. Peter John Reid has been Hillary’s main teacher/mentor. Her paintings have been chosen to become an art banner by the Owen Sound Art Banner Committee. She has sold paintings at the Owen Sound Artists Co-Op, the Square Foot show in Thornbury, The Tom Thomson Art Gallery, and the Bruce Peninsula Art Show. Hillary’s painting of the Billy Bishop House was chosen as January in MP Alex Ruff’s 2021 calendar. She has recently started working in Mixed Media. Hillary believes learning should be life long, so she continues to take courses and workshops.

Barbara Hotson: Barbara Hotson lives and paints at Applegate Farm near Walters Falls. She has been painting exclusively in Watercolour for twenty years. Endlessly intrigued and challenged by the interaction of water and pigment on paper or watercolour canvas she has resisted the sirens' call to experiment in other mediums.

Jennifer Joseph: Inspired by the natural worlds of both her childhood home on the Prairies and her current Georgian Bay locale, Jennifer expresses movement, depth, and emotion through an arbitrary use of colour to create exaggerated post-impressionistic landscapes. Formally educated in the graphic arts, painting has become her personal escape.

Gayle Larmond: Gayle comes from a family of sewers, knitters and crafters. Dressmaking began at home and in Home Economics class. After years of sewing clothing, curtains and home décor, around 2002, Gayle focused on serious quilting. She loves experimenting with colourful batik fabric, as well as designing quilts in traditional and contemporary patterns. Gayle plays with threads and quilting motifs to discover a perfect, complimentary and colourful combination of fabric, thread and quilting design. Since 2013, she has been quilting on a longarm quilting machine. Gayle lives in Eugenia, Ontario and when she is not out hiking on trails with her dog, Dora the Explorer, she is found in her sewing room.

Candy McManiman: Candy is drawn to the natural world, in particular she is attracted to birds. Years of observing birds – their anatomical features and habits has honed her ability to produce very detailed, realistic paintings. As a signature member of the Artists for Conservation, her work has been accepted in their International Juried Show for the past 8 years. It was part of the touring show, going from Vancouver to Arizona Sonora Desert Museum and China. Other paintings have been part of the Stanford University Art-Nature Symposiums. In the fall of 2017, Candy was accepted as a member of the Federation of Canadian Artist’s and has been juried into 9 shows. 

Mary McTaggart: Mary was born in The Netherlands in 1952 and emigrated to Canada with her family at the age of five. She painted from her childhood to college, but then pursued a career in nursing. Fifteen years ago, she became passionate about painting once again, and attended many art classes and workshops. Mary is an avid Watercolourist and member of the Meaford Creative Arts Association (MCAA). Most of her inspiration comes from the beautiful local Ontario countryside. She has won several awards, and her paintings are found in many private collections in Canada and internationally. She has two favourite charities, Cystic Fibrosis and the Canadian Hearing Society, which she donates artwork to for their annual fundraisers.

Hazel Milne: A native of Toronto, Hazel has painted on and off for a good part of her life. Travels around the world always include trips to the local art galleries and augmented by art classes and community participation in the local art scene. She held the position of Chair of the TBM Public Art Committee prior to deciding on spending the winters in Florida. Hazel occasionally joins the Marsh Street Painters when time allows. She has owned a weekend home in Grey County for over 20 years and now lives full-time in Thornbury.

Bev Morgan: Bev is primarily a watercolour artist who enjoys teaching and plein aire painting while traveling. Her work is based upon drawings from art journals, photos, observation and imagination. Bev as an artist, teacher and mentor, continues to grow, explore, experiment and learn through her own experiences and from her students. 

Laurel Pedersen: Laurel Pedersen is an artist living in West Grey, Ontario. Her artistic interests have developed since childhood with the guidance and encouragement of various Ontario artists made possible through arts programs offered by galleries, colleges and universities across the province. Primarily working in watercolours, Laurel is also exploring working with acrylics and clay. You are invited to follow her journey and enjoy her garden muse by visiting Reties Garden and Lolly B Studio on Facebook. Prior to moving to Grey-Bruce, Laurel raised her family and had a career in Kitchener-Waterloo.

Robert Pointer: Robert Pointer is a Canadian artist and educator working in central Ontario. His artwork has been on exhibit since the 1970's. A figurative artist, he primarily creates intimate paintings from observation or relating to direct personal experience in acrylic, or oil on canvas. His paintings can be in the realist, impressionist, or abstract tradition depending on his subject and intention. He retired form a 25-year teaching career with the Peel District School Board in 2014 and is currently painting and exhibiting full time. He teaches art through his business, Wildwood Art Adventures.

Jennifer Prior: Over the past 25 years Jennifer has strived in her paintings to reflect on the reciprocal role that nature and colour plays in her life. Sometimes whimsical, sometimes nurturing and always alive, the dance keeps Jennifer moving with her paintbrush and paints. Currently, she is particularly interested in the ‘wood-wide-web’ … the fascinating interplay between fungi and trees, how they communicate and support each other … as in Dance of the Hyphae. Another aspect of nature that intrigues Jennifer is the densely saturated life in swamps and the richness of colour, in this case ‘Green’, associated with this water world. She is looking forward to the sound of the Spring Peepers. 

Judy Shield: Art has been a part of Judy’s life since early childhood. Her parents recognized her ability and sent her for art instruction at the age of 10. She says these classes were the base for her thirst to create. She has been fortunate to have lived in some of the most beautiful inspirational places in Canada. Her work is a reflection of her love of nature, animals and colour. The style is realistic, the media of choice is mostly acrylic, but she does watercolour and various media.

Beverley Smith: Beverley has been a professional artist since graduating from The School of Design, Sheridan College and a Textile Design College in Sweden in the 70s. In 1980 she left Toronto to live and work in the Beaver Valley. She was on the Board of Visual Arts Ontario and is past president of the Society of Canadian Artists. Since then, Beverley has become well known for her murals, 2 times for the L.E. Shore Library story tower, and numerous private commissions. Also, Beverley has illustrated numerous books. In 2002 she opened “Holy Crow Beads” where she held classes for 12 years. She presently spends time happily exploring beading, mixed media and drawing.

Greyson VanderWoude: Greyson is currently in his final year of his Honours English Degree, specializing in Literature and Rhetoric, from the University of Waterloo. In his spare time Greyson indulges himself in creative writing and abstract expressionism. He deals mostly in monochromatic schemes. Greyson has been a member of the L.E. Shore Memorial Library since he was “a wee lad”. 
“I am grateful for this opportunity to be a part of my community.”

Sandra Whitehead: Sandra began to paint several years ago and was lucky enough to have a member of Sheridan College give her a great start. She has developed her skills over the years including taking lessons with Sue Miller locally. Sandra prefers abstract paintings and the freedom it gives her to express herself. She loves to use bright colours and to experiment with unusual textures. Sandra has her own small studio in her home, but she currently enjoys painting with the Marsh Street Painters, and functions as their Treasurer. Through the group she has been able to expand her skills.

Willi Wildman: Willi Wildman is a well-known artist in the community; large, powerful, and moody landscapes are her signature. Willi recently stepped down from the Blue Mountains Public Library Arts Advisory Council after many years of organizing art exhibits at the beautiful Library Gallery. Before moving to Thornbury, Willi worked tirelessly with the BMFA (Blue Mountain Foundation of the Arts) Visual Arts Committee as well as the Collingwood Library Gallery and was a founder of the Georgian Bay Arts and Crafts Association. Along with numerous juried show awards, Wildman was nominated in 1994 for The Chalmers Award for Creativity and Excellence in the Arts and was the first recipient of the Robert Kemp Award. Wildman continues to engage the artistic community with her art classes and passionate paintings of our landscape.

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