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The Gallery at L.E. Shore in Thornbury is a lovely, vaulted exhibition space that hosts monthly exhibits by both individuals and groups within the community. The Arts & Culture Council, a volunteer appointed body, juries exhibits and assists in programming a variety of arts and cultural presentations. Subscribe to the In The Gallery blog.

25th Anniversary of The Gallery

25th Anniversary of The Gallery

Posted by Hannah on December 2, 2020

Celebration! 25 Artists for 25 Years

December 1, 2020 - January 30, 2021

As part of the 25th Anniversary of the BMPL and The Gallery at LE SHore, the Arts & Culture Council painstakingly reviewed the list of hundreds of artists who have exhibited over the past 25 years of The Gallery's history. Special invitations were made as part of the celebration to 25 artists and additional artisans for the showcases. This show will run through the end of January and is a great Christmas shopping opportunity.

Featured Artists

Each of the artists were asked about their connection to The Gallery at L.E. Shore and why our special facility is important to them.   

Heather Adams, “I joined the Arts Advisory Council at its inception in 1996 and was fortunate enough to act as secretary for the AAC for the next 6 years. I participated in the hanging of, what now seems like, zillions of shows and videotaped many of the openings for the Library and the artists. I was fortunate to get to show my work in several group shows during and after those years. I think one of the most exciting accomplishments for the Gallery was the installation of the wall covering which proved to be so resilient and impervious to the nails we hammered into it and then eventually removed for the next installation! I enjoy both water colour and oil painting and am thrilled to participate in this lovely tribute to The Gallery.”

Kathi Alexander, "I have lived in Thornbury for 12 years, and over the last lat few years have shown with the Marsh Street Artists in group shows, had have had several two, or three man shows in this Gallery. I appreciate the opportunity for local artists to show their work."

John David Anderson

Sharon Barfoot

Jill Bates, "With the assistance of Willi Wildman, I had the privilege of exhibiting my art work for the first time at the beautiful L.E. Shore Gallery in November, 2015. Many visitors came to see my work and many purchases were made. I am very grateful to The Gallery for this opportunity to show my work once again in 2021."

Marlene Bulas, "Having a cottage on Georgian Bay, I was a member of the Collingwood Blue Mountain Art Group and participated in numerous shows, studio tours, and Gallery exhibits at L.E. Shore. Teaching art workshops in the area was also a joyful experience."

Roisin Cadieux, “I have been visiting the Beaver Valley for over 30 years. I bought a home in the heart of the valley just over ten years ago and spent many years making it livable. Once I was able to move my artist studio and work to my home in Kimberley and opened my doors to visitors I was almost immediately welcomed warmly as an artist by members of the arts committee of Thornbury’s L.E. Shore library. It was a great treat to be celebrated by those who support art and artists in Grey county. I am very grateful to the Library and the arts committee for including my work in their offerings to the public.”

Leah Denbok, “In 2015 my dad and I embarked on a project to photograph and record the stories of people experiencing homelessness. Our goals, with this project, are to, both, humanize them and shine a spotlight on the problem of homelessness. Over the years this project has taken us to cities throughout the world, such as Toronto, New York, Washington, and Brisbane. It has also, thus far, resulted in three books, Nowhere to Call Home—Photographs and Stories of People Experiencing Homelessness, Volumes One, Two, and Three. This exhibit was shown here at L.E. Shore.”

Delia Eastwood, “After graduating from McMaster University, I moved to Grey County where I have lived ever since. Painting has been a large part of my life for many years. Although I have never been able to devote my life entirely to my painting, I have been able to remain motivated through the efforts of the greater community. The L.E. Shore Gallery has been especially effective in this community generated motivation. Knowing that our work will have a space and an audience keeps artists going.”

Michelle Fleming, “Since the opening of our L.E. Shore Art Gallery, I have enjoyed seeing countless art shows, held life drawing and art classes in the Gallery as well as curating art shows, my own included. Our community is so fortunate to have this gorgeous art space to exhibit our local artists and those further a field.”

Lisa Hannaford, "Congratulations to the L.E. Shore Library! What an invaluable part of the community you have been on so many levels. I am an artist with a Studio at the Tremont Studios in Collingwood, but I call Thornbury my home. It is my physical home but also the home for my heart and soul. Not only am I thankful on a daily basis for the landscape that surrounds me here but it is the people and the places such as the L.E. Shore Library that have also made a huge difference in my life. My husband, Jim Stacey and I had a very successful show at the Library and it was a gift to have such great local exposure. Thank you to the staff and volunteers for making this such an incredible place and may you continue to be a wonderful part of the community for many years to come."

Jon Houghton, “My career as an artist has been linked to the L.E. Shore library since it opened. I think I was about 11 and was reluctantly allowed to be in Ian Robert’s adult art class once he saw how serious I was about it. Then 10-15 years later, it was the venue for my first solo painting exhibition. I’ve participated in several group show since then and am always grateful for the support that the library and the community give to the arts. Thornbury’s lucky to have such a great public space to display art.”

Keita Inone, “Over the years the L.E. Shore Gallery has been an important role in our community as a cultural gateway between local artists with great talents and many art enthusiasts of all walks of life. I had a great honour of having my own solo exhibition at the Gallery back in 2017, which was well received by many visitors.”

Deborah Masters

Marian Masters

Peter Mather, “The Gallery at the L.E. Shore Library, gave me a platform to see my work and start growing as an artist. Yes, I can say, the word artist. It has become evident when people see my work, they often say did you paint that. I call myself a Photographic Artist. Watching them hang my work gave great insight to colour and themes. Also, as my first show was hung, I realized it was not about quantity but quality. I was asked to do a second show about six years later. The work had accelerated in quality and well-defined subjects and themes. Thanks for letting me participate in The Gallery.”

Mary Mctaggart, “I would like to say that I feel very grateful to be able to show my work in such a beautiful Gallery. I always enjoy each new show. Thank you to everyone for all your hard work and dedication to make these shows happen.”

Barbara Pearn, “The Gallery at L.E. Shore is such a remarkable venue for art shows and other events. I am honoured to be asked to show my work at the gallery again. The high ceilings, wood beams and lighting display the artwork to best advantage. The gallery in the library demonstrates the importance of art and creativity in the community. The Town of Blue Mountains and its residents are very fortunate to have such a wonderful space to feature the work of local artists. It also provides encouragement to emerging artists and young people to view successful artists’ work on a regular basis.”

Jo Ann Sauks, “It is a pleasure to exhibit in this lovely gathering space. The L.E. Shore Gallery/Library is a true gem, attracting those with a variety of interests into one place. It is a treat to pick up a book, attend a meeting or take part in an exercise class with art all around! Always interesting, always informative!”

Judy Shield, “The Gallery at the L.E. Shore Library is an important outlet for local artists to show their work. I have had the opportunity to be in group shows here over the last 14 years. The Arts & Culture Council do an exceptional job. The system for hanging and the lighting show off the work very well. The space is used for meetings etc., so the public get an advantage of viewing the show while they are in The Gallery for those events. The sales are done by the library staff which is convenient for the artists involved. It is my pleasure to show here and I hope it continues.”

Beverley Smith, “25 years ago the library opened and when I walked into The Gallery at the library, I was so inspired by the space that I vowed to have a show there. As it turns out I have had the pleasure of having had 5 one woman shows in the last 25 years. There have been numerous group shows over the years as well. I was on the Arts and Culture Council for over 10 years, left to run Holy Crow Beads and when I closed that in 2014 I rejoined the council.”

Jim Stacey, “Exhibiting at the L.E. Shore Gallery brings a personal sense of excitement. On my first visit to the gallery some ten years before I became a Thornbury resident, I was so taken by the range and quality of work on exhibit. Exhibiting at the L.E. Shore seemed like fantasy. That dream was realized last September with Double Vision, an exhibition I shared with my wife Lisa Hannaford.”

Eunice Van Wert, “I have been fortunate enough to have had a position of the Arts and Culture Council for a number of years and have seen how this wonderful Gallery at L.E. Shore Library has enriched the community. It has displayed exceptional works of art as well as being a meeting place for cultural groups of all sorts.”

Willi Wildman, “It has been my great pleasure to be associated with our library gallery, in various capacities, for the past 25 years. First, as an Arts Advisory Council member, sometime Chair, offering assistance with selecting, hanging and openings of art exhibits. As an artist and art teacher, my students and associates have been offered this splendid venue for the past 25 years. For this we are immensely grateful and hope to continue this treasure for the years to come.”

Tanya Zaryski, “The Gallery and L.E. Shore library have always felt like the cultural heart of Thornbury. It’s a meeting place for various lecturers, seniors exercise groups, and after school children’s programs. A safe place where everyone is welcome. The art shown in The Gallery provides an ever-changing backdrop to these gatherings and exchanges. It celebrates all sorts of creativity and creation. Local art groups, established and emerging artists, and juried shows invite artists of every type to share their passions and visions with the rest of the community.”

Featured Artisans

In addition to our 25 artists featured in The Gallery for this exhibit, we have 5 artisans exhibiting in our showcases. 

Carol Hahn, “In addition to being an active library patron, I have enjoyed The Gallery at L.E. Shore. Over the years I have been able to use the space to teach workshops with clay in addition to participating in a number of group shows. Yearly I have rented a showcase or two and sold many pottery items displayed in them.”

Heidi Light, Heidi's involvement with the Blue Mountains Public Library extends back about 10 years, and includes participating in shows and fundraisers, displaying her jewelry, hosting workshops, meeting with her writing group, and adding her non-fiction book to the library's collection.

Duncan Macdonald, “When I go to the L.E. Shore Library, I start and end my visit in The Gallery. I am keen to see what’s new on the walls and cabinets. When I contribute to an exhibition in The Gallery, I am content knowing I offer something of myself, as has been offered to me when I am the visitor. I look forward to the exchange of ideas with the other artists and the enthusiasm of the library staff. The Gallery space provides different formats to display my work, from large and towering wall presentations, to an intimate study of detail when displayed in the cabinets. These options allow me to display my work in ways I’ve never been able to do before, allowing the work to be experienced differently, adding to my creativity. To have people enjoy my work and to have the chance to show my appreciation of others is one of the gifts of the L.E. Shore Gallery.”

Kate Maclaren, “My connection with the L.E. Shore Gallery began through mutual friends of Ken Haigh, who invited a handful of local artists to exhibit in a group show. One drop show was all local potters, organized by Carol Hahn, called Mud, Beautiful Mud. I like that L.E. Shore hosts The Gallery and exhibition spaces alongside the literary collection and interactive events. It’s a cultural combination that brings fine craft and art into focus on a casual visit to pick up a good book.”

Craig Sealy, “I formerly participated in the 2018 L.E. Shore Holiday Show.”

A very special thank you to Beverley Smith, ACC Chair, who curated this very special exhibit. 

Call for Artists

Every year the ACC hosts a salon show where artists may submit to hang in The Gallery and we cover the walls from floor to ceiling with local art. In 2021, the Salon Show will open Tuesday, February 2nd and run through Saturday, February 27nd with a theme of The Colour Green. All art should meet this theme. For more information on applying to show in this exhibit, visit our Applying to Exhibit page.

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