Event Calendar

Truth & Reconciliation Gathering 2

Location: L.E. Shore Library 173 Bruce St. S..

A day of community-building and knowledge sharing with Heather McIntyre, Indigenous Life & Wellness Coach, based around Truth & Reconciliation.

Please bring an item of choice as an offering for the day (such as a tobacco tie, seed packet, tea, preserve, stone, or offering that is important to you) which will be added to our Community Bundle of Giving and Receiving for that day. In Indigenous Culture doing such a thing is a transactional offering of respect for the knowledge being given.
This gathering will be focused on understanding, weaving, and building core foundations of collaboration to reconciliation and unity. Heather will share the Tree Teaching, with a focus on building roots of unity, trunks of safety, branches of strength, and leaves of unique diversity. We will have space for Q& A and connection for all.
Each Gathering will open & close with a smudging ceremony, prayer and/or song

We acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada. Nous reconnaissons l'appui du gouvernement du Canada.