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Blue Mountain Pottery Scavenger Hunt

Location: Downtown Thornbury.

The Hunt is on for Blue Mountain Pottery!

In partnership with the Thornbury BIA, search out all five Blue Mountain Pottery pieces in the shops of downtown Thornbury! Pick up your hunt cards at the Craigleith Heritage Depot and L.E Shore Library and Gallery to participate. Mark on the card the shop you found the matching pottery piece. Once all five pieces have been found complete the card and drop it in one of the ballot boxes found in each of the shops, for your chance to win a prize! 

The winners will be announced at the Blue Mountain Pottery Expo on July 23rd during the opening ceremony and winners will be contacted to pick up their prizes in person at the Craigleith Heritage Depot. Prizes include a special Blue Mountain Pottery calendar, made by the museum and Thornbury Graphics, The Orchid Restaurant BOGO coupons, Fisherman’s Kit, National Geographic Crystal Kit.

Contact: Andrea
Phone: 519-599-3681 ext. 6
Email: Depot@TheBlueMountains.ca