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Emily Carr: Art Collage Workshop and Reading

Location: L.E. Shore Library 173 Bruce St. S..

Everyone is welcome to join us for Exploring The Wildness of Emily Carr.

An Art Collage Workshop and a reading and discussion based on the book: Emily Carr and Raven – In the Darkness of Her Dreams by Cathy Wilson and Ruth MacLean. Join the two authors at L.E. Shore Library on Saturday October 15th at 11am.

The workshop will be in two parts: first a collage workshop led by Ruth MacLean, then readings from the book with questions and answers led by Cathy Wilson. Both parts will be based on the theme of Wildness, and explore how important it was for Emily Carr that she approached her life as a rebel.

Ruth MacLean will briefly demonstrate techniques which she used for making the images in the book. Participants will be encouraged to be bolder than usual, to play around with the emerging shapes in a way that creates a feeling of wildness, or any dynamic that helps to break away from old habits. Participants can work in a free-style way, or they can base their approach on some of Emily’s ‘wildest’ work – scans of Emily’s work will be available for inspiration.

This will be an interactive session with questions and answers. Register online.