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An Evening of Star Gazing with Ian Wheelband

Location: L.E. Shore Library.

Astronomy Night at the Library returns this August with astronomer, Ian Wheelband. Ian will be at the L.E. Shore Library on Thursday August 4th from 8-9pm with a three-part talk.   

Did you know that Canada is going to the Moon? Ian will talk about the upcoming NASA Artemis mission and the Canadian contribution which includes the next generation robotics, as well as a Canadian astronaut who will travel to the Moon. We will also chat about Black Holes and the recent discoveries made that are changing the way we think about these weird and wonderful objects. We will finish the evening learning about what is up in the evening skies for the Blue Mountains area in the late summer and early fall.

We will follow the talk with telescope viewing outside of the Library (if skies are clear).  If cloudy, Ian will have a telescope and observing gear to answer your questions about watching the night sky from your backyard.
Registration is required. Ages 10 and up.

Contact: Jen
Phone: 519-599-3681 Ext. 5
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