Communication with the Board

The Blue Mountains Public Library Board offers three mechanisms for communicating with the Board:  

  1. Deputation
  2. Public Input on the Agenda
  3. Correspondence (Letters/Email)

Below is more information about the three options and the application to register for a Deputation. Please identify which group you are registering for (Library Board or MAC) when submitting a Deputation form.

Make a Board Presentation

There are no changes to how a Deputation occurs during the pandemic and virtual board meetings.

Taken from BLG.2018.6 Meetings of the Board Section 7: Deputations.

  1. Members of the public may address the Library Board, provided they complete and submit to the Board Secretary, a Deputation Request Form.
  2. A Deputation Request Form must be received by the Board Secretary by noon, at least three (3) days prior to the date of the next scheduled Board meeting.   
  3. Any Deputation Request which is received by the deadline, but prior to the public release of the agenda will be included in the publicly distributed agenda package. 
  4. Deputation Requests received prior to the deadline, but after the public release of the agenda will be posted in an amended package following the meeting.
  5. If the Deputation Request Form is received after the deadline, or if the Agenda is deemed to be full, the presentation may be delayed until a subsequent Board meeting.
  6. Complete details of the Deputation, and any questions for the Board, must be submitted in writing to the Board Secretary with the Request form. All materials will be circulated to the Board and relevant staff prior to the presentation to aid in a productive dialogue. 
  7. All materials within the application or provided during the actual presentation will be entered into the official record.
  8. Any person who has presented information on the same topic at previous meetings shall be limited to providing only new information in their subsequent presentations.
  9. Deputations will be identified within the agenda and shall occur prior to any new business.  Any Deputation on the agenda will be expected to make their presentation at the allotted time.
  10. The Library Board allocates up to ten minutes per presentation. The Chair may extend this time if the Board approves and the agenda permits.

For a Regular Board Meeting (scheduled the 3rd Thursday of the month), the deadline is 2:00pm the Monday prior to the meeting.  Agenda packages are published one week prior to the meeting.  Any deputations which the presenter wishes to have made public prior to the meeting must submit the deputation request prior to the date of publication.

Login Credentials are required to participate in the Public Input on the Agenda during the pandemic and virtual board meetings.

During the pandemic virtual board meetings anyone interested in participating in the Public Input on the Agenda must contact the CEO/Board Secretary no later than the Wednesday by 4pm the day prior to the Board Meeting for log in credentials. Meetings occur on Zoom. You may present, as outlined below, by phone or by computer. Microphones and cameras will be disabled until this portion of the meeting. Facebook or Youtube comments are not monitored as input to the Board.

Taken from BLG.2018.6 Meetings of the Board Section 8: Deputations.

  1. The Public Input on Agenda Items is an open mic session where community members may speak on any issue which is included in the agenda.  This format is intended to provide an opportunity for community input prior to Board decisions being made.  Those wishing to speak to items not on the agenda, should follow the Deputation process. 
  2. There is no advance application process.  Prior to the meeting the Board Secretary will have a sign-up sheet for community members who wish to address issues on the agenda.  On the sign-up sheet, presenters will be asked to identify the agenda item to be addressed.  The order of presenters is at the discretion of the Chair.    
  3. Total time is limited to 20 minutes for this agenda item and the Chair may extend this time if the Board approves and the agenda permits.  Individual presenters shall be limited to three (3) minutes.
  4. The identity of presenter and agenda item addressed will be noted in the minutes. 

All letters to the Board should be addressed attention Board Secretary. These may be delivered to either facility, by mail or by email.

In order for letters to be presented to the Board, they will be published in the agenda package. The CEO will determine if the letter is published in full, redacted, or moved to Closed Session based on the Public Libraries Act Closed Session requirements and MFIPPA.