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The Craigleith Heritage Depot - located between the building and the parking lot

Sir Sandford Fleming - located behind the outdoor sign facing Highway 26

The Petun Indigenous People - located a few steps down the trail that leads East from the parking lot

Fossils and natural history - Delphi Point Park

In the Museum Gallery

Local Petun Indigenous Villages Model - and 'Pathway' virtual reality film!
Blue Mountain Pottery
Jozo Weider and Blue Mountain Resort
Food For Thought: Local Foodways in The Blue Mountains
Stuck In A Rock: Oil Industry in Craigleith
The Mary Ward Shipwreck including ship model - and 'Mary Ward' virtual reality film!
Trilobite Touch Table (seasonal)
Petun Pottery
Sir Sandford Fleming: A Family Legacy in Craigleith
Train History in Craigleith

Osler Castle including Castle mantle
Local Schools history

Leonard E. Shore - Visit

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Literary Women of The Blue Mountains - Visit

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Beaver Valley Fall Fair - Visit

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Willi Winkels - Visit

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Walter Trier - Visit

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Our Military Heritage - Visit

Share your pictures and more regarding local military heritage at:

Samuel de Champlain - Visit

Niagara Escarpment - Visit

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Clarksburg Sesquicentennial - Virtual Museum of Canada

Samuel de Champlain's Writings
Historic Games
Charles Stuart: A Local Abolitionist
Earthenware Everywhere

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