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Please note that in-house museum exhibits are currently unavailable for viewing. Visit the Outdoor Plaques and Online Exhibits listed below.

The Craigleith Heritage Depot - located between the building and the parking lot

Sir Sandford Fleming - located behind the outdoor sign facing Highway 26

The Petun Indigenous People - located a few steps down the trail that leads East from the parking lot

Fossils and natural history - Delphi Point Park

In the Museum Gallery

Local Petun Indigenous Villages Model 
Blue Mountain Pottery
Stuck In A Rock: Oil Industry in Craigleith
The Mary Ward Shipwreck including ship model 
Trilobite viewing area
Petun Pottery
Sir Sandford Fleming: A Family Legacy in Craigleith
Local Military Heritage
Erskine Brown sculptures
Walter Trier works
Train History in Craigleith
Beaver River Rat Race 
Depot Fine Dining Restaurant 

Osler Castle mantle


Beaver Valley Fall Fair - Visit

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Beaver Valley Agricultural Society - Visit

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Beaver River Rat Race - Visit 

Clarksburg Sesquicentennial - Virtual Museum of Canada

Craigleith Shale Oil Works - VisitNEW!

Indigenous History and Culture - Visit - Also - see Journey of Knowledge exhibit companion guide

Leonard E. Shore - Visit

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Library History of the Blue MountainsVisit - NEW!

Literary Women of The Blue Mountains - Visit

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Niagara Escarpment - Visit

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Our Military Heritage - Visit

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Samuel de Champlain - Visit

Staying Home Stories - NEW! - Visit

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Walter Trier - Visit

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Willi Winkels - Visit

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Samuel de Champlain's Writings
Historic Games
Charles Stuart: A Local Abolitionist
Earthenware Everywhere
'Pathway' Film 
'Mary Ward' Film
Jozo Weider and Blue Mountain Resort 
10th Anniversary