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REEL History: Discover Blue Mountain Pottery

Let us share the history & legends behind the iconic green glazed ceramics! The Craigleith Heritage Depot museum & Mountain Goat Film Company have created their latest documentary "Blue Clay". A Canadian icon made on the shores of Georgian Bay, Ontario. Explore the unique shapes, colours, places and faces of Blue Mountain Pottery! Discover the legends of this creative local industry, how it saved the Blue Mountain ski resort, and how through its remarkable journey still lives on today!

Watch the trailer to see how this local pottery made from the clay of the shores of Georgian Bay made a world renowned impression that still lives on today! Watch the trailer on BMPL's YouTube channel.

Created by the Craigleith Heritage Depot and Mountain Goat Film Company.

Blue Mountain Pottery was a Canadian pottery company the was established in Collingwood Township, now the Town of The Blue Mountains, Ontario. Jozo Weider launched this pottery production in 1953 with hand-painted designs on purchased blank ceramics. Soon after clay was drawn from the Blue Mountains to create the pottery itself and launch its designs. Jozo hired trained European ceramicists such as Dennis Tupy and with the business, creative, and skilled talents of many, the pottery grew. The successful pottery was sold by Jozo Weider in the late 1960’s and it operated under other management until closing in 2004. 

Known for its iconic designs and blue-green glaze it continues to be appreciated and collected around the world. Blue Mountain Pottery items feature a unique, trademarked glazing process known as "reflowing decorating." Two different liquid glazes, one light and one dark in colour, were applied. During the firing process the glazes would run, creating streaking patterns unique to each piece. Blue Mountain Pottery items were available in the traditional green hues, but also in harvest gold, cobalt blue, mocha, pewter, red, and brown.

The Craigleith Heritage Depot is working with the author Conrad Biernacki to produce a book to fully tell the story of the Pottery and its legacy as a Canadian pottery. The proceeds from the Blue Mountain Pottery Expo will help support the development of the book and ensure this history is preserved for future generations.

The Craigleith Heritage Depot will be adding a new collection to their online exhibits all about Blue Mountain Pottery. To tide you over, check out some of the items on display at the Depot below.

Celebrate the Pottery at Home

We are now selling the Blue Mountain Pottery calendars! They can be found at both L.E. Shore Library and the Craigleith Heritage Depot.

Cost: $23.00 +tax

Funds go toward Museum Fundraising and the Blue Mountain Pottery book written by retired ROM expert Conrad Biernacki.