Arts and Culture Council (ACC)

The Arts & Culture Council (ACC) was established in early 1996 as a companion to The Gallery at L.E. Shore. The intent of establishing the council was to showcase artists both local and abroad, as well as to provide guidance for art programming in the public. Members past and present have included some of the most prominent artists from the community, making for an eclectic and innovative mixture of programming and exhibitions.

Members 2019-2022

  • Beverley Smith (ACC Chair 2021)
  • Diana Bick
  • Lynn Corrigan
  • Helen Forrest
  • Christine Fry
  • Liz McCullam
  • Sandra Whitehead

The Arts & Culture Council has many opportunities for members of the community to volunteer their time. Delivering fliers, hanging monthly exhibits, serving (Smart Serve) at the licensed Gallery openings, or assisting in planning or at workshops and series.  If you would like to volunteer your time on an occasional or regular basis, please contact Sabrina at 519-599-3681 ext: 2 or by email at We'd love your help!

You can email the Council at