Divergence & Intersection, October 2023

The Gallery at L.E. Shore is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of Divergence & Intersection, featuring the talents of Ben Mark Holzberg and Kyle Haight. The show runs from September 30 - November 1, with an open reception on September 30 from 2-4pm.

This October duo is an exciting pairing as they will challenge you to intersect with these divergent collections. Curated to play off each other, you will experience the divergence between and urban and organic, fantasy and life, science and nature

If you are interested in purchasing a piece, you can visit us in person, call 519-599-3681 ext. 142, or email TheGallery@TheBlueMountains.ca.

The Gallery is a multi-use space and is often booked for private events. So while you can always drop in during opening hours, if coming from a distance, we encourage you call 519 599 3681 to ensure The Gallery is available for walkthroughs.

The photography of Ben Mark Holzberg is defined by its ignorance of limits: touching a seemingly endless range of subject matter over the course of his 45-year career, Holzberg has continually pushed the bounds of form by following again and again an all-embracing photographic instinct.

With each project, Holzberg approaches his subject with an eye tuned to the unusual, ironic and oft times absurd. In Divergences and Intersection, we are offered a cross-section of some of Ben Mark’s greatest hits across the breadth of his diverse and eclectic artistic practice. While different in subject matter, there is yet still a group of qualities—of proclivities, unique to the artist’s images: a search at once for pattern and balance, but also difference, contrast and misplacement. The works presented ask the viewer to connect the dots, to find the patterns joining one piece to the next, and to search out those patterns when they step back into the world.

Image: "La Habana"

Kyle Haight provides an intersection of 2 distinct collections: Teslalonian Ships and Avian Oracles. The series of Teslalonian Ships is in homage to one of the greatest inventors and scientists of all time, Nikola Tesla. These pieces are Haight's depictions and interpretations of floating morphing ships that are seemingly biological and operate solely on free energy. Haight adds a heavy dose of imagination and an intuitive sense of connection while paying respect to Nikola Tesla's philosophies and inventions involving free energy and wireless energy transfer. Many of the finished works are on circular substrates and this circular infinite theme further helps to emphasize the importance of free energy for all of mankind.

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration".

 - Nikola Tesla

Image: Teslalonian Ship

In Avian Oracles, Haight states birds are connected to universal energy, and they have an essence that is far more knowing than human perception. Birds are an integral part of our Canadian heritage. Through bird-watching, and recreational and subsistence hunting, birds make a significant contribution to our quality of life in Canada. They also play important symbiotic roles in our environment by eating insects, dispersing seeds, and pollinating plants. Canadian birds play an important role in symbology and mythology throughout history, and this helps to create a deeper appreciation and interest in the importance of their continual conservation. In a more simplistic way, “bird songs” are beautiful: they bring a sense of peace and calmness to the world. Floating on the breeze, these remarkable creatures are truly natures instruments of the wind.

Image: Blue Heron