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Storm Chasing with David T. Chapman

Storm Chasing with David T. ChapmanThursday, November 23, 2017 10:00am - 12:00pm
Location: The L.E. Shore Memorial Library Gallery - 173 Bruce St. S.

Join renowned photographer and "Storm Chaser" David T. Chapman for a visual presentation on Storm Chasing in Ontario.

Find David T. Chapman and his beautiful photography on Twitter

"The Grey County and Blue Mountain region is a big part of our storm chasing. We often end up finishing at Thornbury when the storms start to cross Georgian Bay. We started our storm chasing there and have been in the area many times since for storms as well as other weather phenomena like northern lights right from the harbour in Thornbury. One of the many areas I cover is lightning and the various types, upward lightning, cloud to air, and other various forms. The neatest type I have captured a few times is the rare kind called “Bolt From the Blue Lightning”. It is when you have a storm in one area but the lightning strikes in another, where it is blue skies. That is why they say, don't go outside for at least thirty minutes after you have heard the last rumble of thunder. As for the presentation, it is really detailed on how a storm develops and how a select few become a tornadic supercell right here in our beautiful province, with lots of video action showing this amazing process."


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