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Information for Library Board Applicants


Library Board

There is one position available on the BMPL Board.  All applications should be directed to the Town Clerk according to the instructions of the Call.  Questions may be posed to the Library CEO pertaining to board matters, timelines, requirements, or obligations.

Documents to Review in Consideration of Applying 

Strategic Plan 2018-2022

According to the Ontario Library Boards Association, it is a responsibility of the outgoing Library Board to create a legacy document and to assist in recruiting the incoming board so they may be successful in completing the tasks and requirements of the next term. BMPL will have two legacy documents to guide the work of the new Board: the 2018-2022 Strategic Plan and the Feasibility Study and Space Plan(s). It will be the responsibility of the incoming board to implement these plans and to create a legacy document in 2022 for the subsequent Board.

Additional BMPL Documents to Help You Make Your Decision

We have also added the following items to this page to assist candidates in learning about the governance process.

MTCS Standards

Although the Board is not directly responsible for operational and administrative functions of the organization, the following are Ministry of Tourism Culture and Sport standards which guide the GLAM.